COVID-19 = “Science” = Climate Change

Greta Thunberg CNN COVID-19 panel

Greta Thunberg was recently wheeled out as a coronavirus expert on a CNN “show” to help forge a link between COVID-19 and climate change. Whilst they blatantly attempt to shoehorn their climate change agenda into the COVID-19 shenanigans, let’s see what actual scientists are saying about the “settled science” of global warming, along with their […]

Who Will Be the First UK Politician to Emulate Italian MPs, Sara Cunial and Vittorio Sgarbi?

Sara Cunial Italian MP speaks out against Coronavirus and Bill Gates

COURAGE: Sara Cunial MP calls out the COVID-19 response and Bill Gates (6 mins 58 secs) Thank you, President [of the Chambers of Deputies].Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above, but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing their own freedom and granting it to […]

Not Convinced About the Dangers of 5G?

Smoke a fresh cigarette!

Are They Getting One Over on Us Again? To start things off, this 5-minute video shows EMF radiation strength being sampled on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Using a Tenmars TM-190 Multi-Field EMF Meter, the RF strength was detected in some places to be above the World Health Organisation maximum public exposure limit of 100mW/m2. […]

How deadly is the coronavirus? It’s still far from clear

How deadly is the coronavirus?

Dr. John Lee is a recently retired professor of pathology and a former NHS consultant pathologist. Source: The Spectator There is room for different interpretations of the data In announcing the most far-reaching restrictions on personal freedom in the history of our nation, Boris Johnson resolutely followed the scientific advice that he had been given. […]

Vitamin D and Looking After Our Future

Virus insanity

Why Are We Not Being Encouraged to Take Vitamin D Supplements? In this 20-minute video (also available here), Dr. John Campbell provides a very insightful and informative summary of his research into vitamin D and the immune system. He shows how taking a simple vitamin D tablet every day can significantly improve your immunity and […]

The Truth Behind Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19 Lockdown & the Economic Crash

David Icke - Coronavirus

Do They Suddenly Care More About the Elderly Than the Economy? This is essential viewing. Please show it to your family and friends – maybe during lockdown/martial law. I don’t know why everyone’s still exposing themselves to the censorship of YouTube when there are other video platforms like Vimeo around but, if they remove […]

9/11 Quiz

Barry Jennings - 9/11 whistleblower

9/11, Trump and the Israeli connection Actually, forget the quiz for now. Just watch this (59 mins 39 secs): Part 2 (89 mins 59 secs) 9/11 Quiz Here it is. 9/11 Quiz exposes the absurdity of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory with a series of interactive questions, facts, images and video snippets. From the 9/11 […]