Chemtrails Project UK is part of a growing worldwide movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification.

We have created the Directive to present hard, irrefutable evidence that this illicit, global crime is not merely a "proposal" but is indeed happening today.

Trails of Destruction - an Overview...

  • Almost daily, aircraft (often non-commercial) leave persistent trails that spread and block out essential sunlight.
  • This has a negative impact on:
    • crop yields & food prices
    • solar power generation & energy prices
    • our physical health
    • our mental health
    • climate change
    • global dimming
    • ozone layer depletion
  • To make matters worse, geoengineers are 'proposing' to spray toxic substances such as aluminium oxide and sulphuric acid from aircraft to reflect sunlight in a claimed attempt to solve the controvertible issue of global warming.
  • Despite the acknowledged impact of persistent, spreading aircraft trails and the overwhelming evidence that aviation spraying activities have already commenced, the Government response is lame. Similarly, the "conspiracy theory!" cries from the mainstream media do nothing to address the potential catastrophes of such a critical issue.
  • We are curious: Why do they propose spraying deadly poisons to block out our sunlight when, according to our Government, the same observable effects can be achieved with "ordinary condensation trails"?...
  • Well, there is evidence of intent that may hold the answer with the likelihood that such glaring anomolies are more to do with aiding the US military's need for "Owning the Weather in 2025" with their "exotic weapons system" called "chemtrails" than it is to supposedly save the planet. #bilderberg

For more information and supporting evidence, please read The Directive and, by sending it to your MP, join the thousands of people demanding the return of our healthy, blue skies.

Just a Conspiracy Theory?

Being sprayed again with toxic chemicals by the people paid to look after you is hardly the easiest of notions to get your head around. But this selection of footage and testimony should leave you in no doubt that what has previously been derided as conspiracy theory is destined to join today's growing list of conspiracy fact.

Please take a moment to watch the following whistleblower testimonies from meteorologist and ex-military Kevin Lollis (0 mins 41 secs), Dr Bill Deagle who worked with the geoengineering pilots (0 mins 56 secs) and the resounding words of ex-US Air Force "chemtrails" insider A C Griffith (6 mins 46 secs)...

Click to watch video
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See it for yourself. Spot the difference (1 min 33 secs), an even closer view of on-off spraying (2 mins 29 secs), then timelapse footage of every geoengineer's dream come true (1 min 54 secs) - if that really is just water vapour blocking out the sun, then why would they be proposing to do it with toxic chemicals?...

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Next, Dr Rosalind Peterson addresses a receptive UN panel on how these chemtrail activities are already underway (17 mins 46 secs), then more whistleblowing from ex-US Air Force Kristen Meghan (21 mins 35 secs), but let's give the last word to Harvard's chief geoengineer, Dr David Keith (6 mins 24 secs)...

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Our respect and appreciation goes out to all the chemtrails whistleblowers and activists who are doing what they can to bring the spraying of chemtrails to an end.
Not controlled by fear, these admirable people serve as timely examples of how we must take a stand and selflessly fulfill our role of doing what we know is right.

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The first and only of its kind, our forthcoming "Contrails?" mobile app will use official atmospheric data and thresholds to prove that what we're experiencing cannot be "ordinary condensation trails."

The app will enable you to compile reports and send them to the people that really matter, to demand answers and create change. (UK contributors can also win their very own orgone accumulator!)

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