Vitamin D and Looking After Our Future

Why Are We Not Being Encouraged to Take Vitamin D Supplements?

In this 20-minute video (also available here), Dr. John Campbell provides a very insightful and informative summary of his research into vitamin D and the immune system.

He shows how taking a simple vitamin D tablet every day can significantly improve your immunity and reduce the probability of contracting viral infections – such as Coronavirus / COVID-19.

It’s safe, clear advice that would surely make the death rate of COVID-19 even lower than it already is.

The direct link to this YouTube video is .

Aircraft Trails Contributing to Vitamin D Deficiency

This is also a good time to remind people of the fact that aircraft are filling our skies with artificial cloud that are reducing our exposure to sunlight which, in turn, is reducing our vitamin D levels.

This has been going on for years and is contributing to widespread, worldwide vitamin D deficiency.

Recent Aircraft Activity and the Cold Spell

Here in the UK, we’ve seen a notable increase in aircraft trail activity recently – persistent trails, spreading trails, intermittent trails and reactive trails.

Intermittent trails over Holmfirth – March 2020

The increase seems to be in correlation with an unseasonally-cold snap which, of course, will do nothing to help the most vulnerable – the elderly.

Having been left impoverished by the Government, the elderly are already being forced to choose between keeping warm or eating properly – leaving them… vulnerable.

And with the IPCC itself acknowledging that aircraft trails affect the climate and can reduce surface temperatures, the reduced sunlight and cold spells are just two ways that aircraft trails are affecting our health – both potentially fatally.

Already Time for a Government Rethink on Lockdown?

All of a sudden, the Government that previously discarded our elderly so routinely actually now actually cares for them – so much so that they will take a major risk on destroying the economy just to protect them.

But the consequences of an economic collapse, and the subsequent collapse of society, will affect everyone – not just the elderly.

Maybe the Government needs to be preserving our future rather than sealing our doom – as Texas Lieutenant Governer, Dan Patrick, puts so well in this 5-minute video (also available here):

The direct link to this YouTube video is .

The Orwellian State and Vaccinations

Now, back to vitamin D.

Big Pharma’s Stance

However ineffective or harmful it may be, there seems to be far more money to be made in a worldwide vaccination programme than there would ever be in providing people with vitamin D supplements.

That would explain Big Pharma failing to promote any such alternative measures that would help protect against viruses, such as COVID-19.

As expressed by David Icke in this 7-minute video (also available here), why would Big Pharma embrace anything that reduces their target market or impedes them on their unscrupulous march towards another colossal payday:

The direct link to this YouTube video is .

The Government’s Stance

But what about the Government?

Instead of recommending people get more vitamin D, as of last night they’re now ensuring people will get less vitamin D with their Orwellian command to stay at home in lockdown.

Are they ignorant, incompetent or is properly caring about our wellbeing taking second place to something else?

Hopefully, as the 99%, we can assist them in bringing about two positive changes:

  1. The Government starts putting the electorate before Big Pharma in advising the public to consider taking vitamin D supplements to strengthen their immunity.
  2. The Government openly evaluates the benefits and costs of destroying the economy (ie, lockdown) versus the benefits and costs of not doing so (ie, voluntary isolation). And, because this may be the biggest decision this country has ever had to make, once again, allow the public to fully participate in the decision-making process.
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