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  1. LEE26th August 2014 at 10:09 am #

    I am a 52 yr old fella from The South West UK, I am not a protester, I remember how our skies once looked, I am also not an idiot with out any brain & I know the difference between con-trail & a chem-trail. I see these chemtrail’s almost daily, It absolutely terrifies me for what future my kids might encounter in a few years if not much sooner, It is true that many people are now opening there eyes & seeing these & clearly recognising what they are in our skies & showing concern, It worries me however that so many people are so afraid of coming forward shouting aloud to help halt this silent attack. I am not a protester or somebody that has stood on a soap box & let loose my thoughts before, But over the last 5 years or so these chemtrails have really got so much worse that I feel I can no longer keep my mouth shut & if my message here can just open the eyes of one reader then if only slight I would have made a small difference…. There are many reasons that could be found for what is happening, & having read some I can agree on most, The one thing that keeps haunting me & the one question I cant let go is, …. If what is happening in our skies is non harmful & if these chemtrails we are seeing will have no long lasting ill effect on us all or our siblings or our planet as a whole & in true honesty if no harm is on going, “WHY THEN ARE THEY TOTALY DENYING IT IS HAPPENING WHEN THEY SO CLEARLY ARE ?… I wish you all a healthy future…

  2. Jason24th November 2014 at 6:39 pm #

    We live in Dunfermline, Fife and have some pretty good photos of chemtrails over Dunfermline:

  3. boobles5319th December 2014 at 7:55 am #

    I live in newcastle I have been watching these chemtrails for 3 years now, and make it my business to tell anyone who will listen to me to LOOK UP and see them for themselves! It is happening for sure, yesterday I watched 3 planes flying in unison together trailing, these are not commercial airlines, they are military, flying way above the normal air space. I would love to know where they take off from, someone must see these planes? Whoever denies that this is happening, I can only say is ignorant. The reason behind it? I am convinced its related to the sun, as they are intent on covering it, we rarely see the sun in all its glory, without cloud circling it. We all have a right to know what chemicals they are using, and why this is taking place daily!!

  4. P Mangold15th June 2015 at 12:56 pm #

    Contrails versus chemtrails/geoengineering. What a mess of misinformation and half truths leading to crazy schizoid conclusions!
    To find out about the science of contrails you need to visit contrailscience . com
    1. Persistant contrails have existed ever since aircraft have been able to fly at high altitudes. Check the above website. They are more prevalent now due to increased air traffic.
    2. They do cause a little sunlight dimming, but nothing compared with clouds (natural phenomena).
    3. There have been experiments with cloud seeding to create rain. Very limited not a general thing.
    4. The so called “chemical tanks” photographed inside planes, are tests on prototypes of passenger weights and distributions – they are filled with water.
    5. Anyone can see the picture of the “nozzle” above is nothing like the usual contrail where a space appears before the contrail forms – that nozzle is fuel dumping in an emergency. If chemicals were being sprayed why does that space between the contrail and the plane occur? (check website already given for answer).
    6. GeoEngineering has been discussed often at conferences etc. but not implemented.
    7. People make themselves look like complete idiots protesting against something that does’nt even exist!

    • James21st June 2015 at 3:27 pm #


      Thanks for your message…

      People could visit your website – a website that comes from the same place as – the same site that even appears to have a go at Nikola Tesla!…

      In response to your points:

      1. Here in the UK, persistent trails are now occurring on a near-daily basis. That is despite the atmospheric conditions required for condensation trails to form only occurring about 2.5% of the time. What we are experiencing, therefore, is not condensation trails. You put it down to an increase in air traffic – a claim which is partially true. There is certainly more air traffic, but when you check on independent flight tracking services such as it soon becomes apparent that the majority of planes leaving the persistent trails are not commercial flights (as they do not have active transponders – unlike over 80% of commercial flights in the UK). Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that many non-commercial planes (e.g., military or private planes) have a different output to commercial planes. And, given my previous point, the trails they are leaving are not water vapour. This also tallies with regions of the World where there has been no increase in commercial air traffic but there has been an increase in persistent aircraft trails.

      2. So you represent a site that has the word “Science” in the title – yet you equate “little” with “nothing”. That’s not scientific. But, let’s abandon science and use our common sense for a moment. Anyone that cares to look up is now seeing our sunlight being stolen from us by these persistent trails that often spread and block out the sun – on a nearly-daily basis. How can you dismiss that? More to the point, *why* would you dismiss that?? And, let’s apply a little more common sense, as sunlight is ‘successfully’ being blocked out by ‘ordinary condensation trails’ then why would they be ‘proposing’ to achieve the same effect with chemical trails (i.e., geoengineering)? It doesn’t make sense.

      3. How would you know how limited cloud seeding operations are? Do you have inside knowledge? It wasn’t officially revealed until earlier this century that the UK population was being sprayed throughout the last century. So, again, what would you know?

      4. Which chemical tanks? The ones we don’t show photos off because they may be inconclusive? At any rate, how do you know they are filled with water? Did you fill them yourself then immediately take the photo?

      5. Maybe you’re right on this. I will look into it. We’re not all experiencing fuel dumps, though, right? And you wouldn’t claim that they dump fuel directly from the engines, right?… So what would you make of evidence like this photo where there is no gap between the engines and the trails (credit to

      6. How do you know geoengineering has not been implemented? Do you have inside information or is this what you would like to believe or have been told to say? The US has declared it intends to own the weather by 2025. When are they likely to start – New Years Eve, 2024?! Do you think it’s totally inconceivable they may have something in place already?

      7. The idiotic people are those that can not address what is clearly happening. I personally got into this movement because I witnessed a low flying tanker (between 8,000 and 10,000 feet – far too low to leave a contrail) spraying as it flew right over my village here in the north of England. I saw it and heard it – the multiple, high force spraying sound was unmistakable… nothing like the normal thrusting sound of a jet engine. I live on the flight path the Manchester airport so I know exactly what a low flying plane should sound (and look) like. (Incidentally, the plane in question was flying perpendicular to the usual flight path.)

      People are waking up to exactly what’s happening in our skies. Clearly, our sunlight is being taken by something other than condensation trails that is polluting our air water, food and, therefore, our own bodies.

      But could the source of this pollution *really* coming from these unidentified planes. Take a look at this video we were sent today and decide for yourself.

      • Tony Bennett3rd August 2015 at 7:27 am #

        Thank you for your wonderful reply to this person.

        • James27th August 2015 at 7:00 pm #

          Cheers, Tony. If Mick West (metabunk) isn’t a paid government shill, who is??

          • The Truth19th August 2021 at 1:55 pm #

            He has no response to that one

    • Adam Walker27th October 2015 at 2:43 pm #

      I don’t know why you paid shills even bother with your silly comments – your existence and motives are so well known now that they just increase people’s awareness of the cover up – the existence of geoengineering is proven – as is your existence by your comments.

    • wayne gilfillan16th March 2016 at 8:56 am #

      What a mullet I grew up looking in the sky as a kid the con trials back then seemed normal and broke up then disappeared. What I see now is a blanket of particals blocking the sun . In the evening you can see this stuff dropping from the sky like a hazy mist . I’ve been looking at this for years before I even heard about chemtrails . I live right under the flight path and have lived here for 6 years I always feel ill and catch hay fever like colds .I never caught colds or was ill as a kid but it feels like it’s every few weeks I’m ill since I moved here . People need to open there eyes and minds and see for there self’s what’s really happening . ye are actually acting like us humans have never tried to do something this crazy or dargeourous . we have a major problem with glyphosate weed killers poisoning us . we have nuclear power station leeking nuclear waste and some of these stations are still helping to destroy our planets and still humans want to build more . God help us all cause the alarming rate of damage we do in one year it’s crazy

    • MARK REED19th August 2016 at 10:35 pm #

      IF WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE HOW COME ,Porton Down freely admit carrying out experiments with flights like this in the late 50’s early to mid 60’s right across the East of England and no doubt other area’s giving us all a nice smattering of cadmium sulphide, not only that they also admit spreading bacteria into the atmosphere some by shells fired into the air of the east coast of Norfolk to be carried inland by the winds, Don’t try and tell me the government wouldn’t be doing this sort of thing they’ve done it .

    • Eva16th August 2017 at 7:16 am #

      How would you explain the fact that one day I can see the ‘contrails’ and the other day I can’t. I live in London and I can ensure you that planes fly here every day.

      • Mike26th September 2017 at 6:04 pm #

        The reason is if there is likely to be natural cloud cover they won’t bother, it seems that they target clear skys. The last couple of days they have laced us, Dawn and dusk, even when the sun got out at about 10 am the foggy haze stuck about in the trees and low land. It seems as if they are trying to block out the sun at sun rise and sun set,what are they trying to hide?

    • Michael Rathbone23rd September 2017 at 5:24 pm #

      My friend you are very deeply misinformed. Do a reality check and do some basic homework. Modern day jet airliners leave very very short con trails that dissipate within minutes. They do not form into clouds, fact.

    • dan9th March 2021 at 4:11 pm #

      P Mangold you should be on live at the apollo.

  5. pararealist1st August 2015 at 9:22 am #

    Yes i thought i was going crazy.
    This morning i saw the sun peeking through my curtains and i thought , oh good i will be able to get some sun today too. Yesterday was good for sunshine.
    So i went outside and to my horror, they were 4 planes(not the regular planes landing and leaving Manchester Airport), but they were flying in a criss-cross pattern leaving the chem trails. Within an hour the sky was completely overcast. I have watched this too often to think it is a coincidence anymore.
    They are blocking out the SUN people. If you carefully observe, they allow one to two days sun, than they come and spray. Check it out people, check it out.
    Now, who would want to block the sun out? Think about it.

  6. Kieran8th August 2015 at 5:19 pm #

    I am firmly in the knowledge chem trails exist (based on photo, video, seeing it for myself, and all other things), BUT the one small issue I can’t grasp is that why are governments (I like in Gloucestershire, England), denying it, even if it “doesn’t” cause harm, and spraying it all over London and other major cities to them and us, which will hurt them as much as us?

    Why put themselves at risk given they know all about it?

    • James27th August 2015 at 6:53 pm #

      Hiya Kieran, presumably, the ones that aren’t blinkered by the official cover-up would feel like they don’t have much of a choice but to go along with it. That’s their job (which could be the most meaningful thing in their lives). Gordon Brown wheeling out his “New World Order” remarks is a prime example – they are just puppets who are paid to say (or not say) as instructed. Cheers, James

    • Adam Walker27th October 2015 at 2:35 pm #

      Kieran – its strange isn’t it that it’s denied – it is all part of ‘Agenda 21’ and the longer they stop people finding out about that agenda the better – what have they been told to make them be complicit in covering it up ?

  7. AJC31st October 2015 at 8:16 am #

    As a pilot for over 10 years and having flown extensively throughout the UK, I know the difference between normal commercial aircraft contrails and the long billowing, spreading, criss-cross trails that are occurring on a frequent widespread basis. Regardless of what we call them they are not a normal phenomenon, therefore they are manmde and possibly of some sort of synthetic particulates.
    I have also been a medical practitioner for 25 years and like my colleagues have seen a steady rise in patient numbers with respiratory illness and “vague” symptoms of general unwellness that defy diagnosis. There is a definite “spike” in the numbers of patients who present various respiratory, skin and other problems following a heavy spell of the above trails lacing our skies.
    There seems to be no authority to whom anyone can address their concerns or indeed simply to request an explanation of these trails! No authority either in local or main government who can or is prepared to offer any sort of explanation and please note this – has anyone ever seen a single television or media report that even mentions these ongoing trails covering our skies?
    As far as I am concerned if there is ANY chance that these so called “chemtrails” could have ANY detrimental impact on air quality, water quality or more importantly human and environmental health, then surely we all have the right to a reasonable and public explanation – NOW

    • Adil zafar25th July 2016 at 2:50 am #

      Hi I have recently become a victim of this and got morgellons as a out come but I am also in the process of a cure I think I have contact me pleas if you could 07444617512 if you could text me first and let me know what it is regarding then I can answer the call as I have noticed strange things as I went to the hospital and now it’s like there are alsorts of activity like doctor ringing and telling me I should go see him for check up and hospital staff calling and visits to my house in suits

    • Sylvia27th July 2016 at 4:57 am #

      I agree AJC.

      I also clearly remember seeing contrails years ago, and never seeing these long horizon-to-horizon criss-cross and grid patterns then. I’ve always been interested in watching the sky and watching aircraft fly over. Years ago I never saw these trails like we see them now.
      I am a basically fit healthy person, with good breathing, no issues, but one or two days after the sky has been covered with chemtrails, I find I’m coughing up chest mucus. No -not any kind of ‘bug’. I know the difference. Feel well otherwise, just a mucus-y chest for a day or two. I can handle that. It doesn’t make me feel ‘ill’ as such….but should I HAVE TO?
      Should we be subjected to anything invasive against our will, and with no explanation? To just have all this crap ‘done to us’ without a by-your-leave? The people spraying this gunk know that we know, and they have the audacity to keep doing it. That’s what really annoys me.

  8. Chris D9th December 2015 at 3:33 pm #

    Its really crazy, most ppl are just ignorant about the fact. Even if point them in direction of some answers they still think its not true. Mostly they think you are a crazy person.
    Any way of adding photos to your collection? I have plenty full from Cambridge

    • James Hodgskiss10th December 2015 at 1:07 pm #

      Hiya Chris,

      Seems like anyone with the ability to turn the telly off, research and think for themselves is considered crazy these days…

      We don’t update the website photos very often but you can send yours to us via our contact page or via our facebook page.


  9. mark13th February 2016 at 5:16 pm #

    P mangold , do you work for the government?? Have you recently had a labotomy ?? It surely must be one of the two , CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL !!! The days of speculation are gone ,

  10. John Smith28th February 2016 at 3:05 pm #

    Feb 27th 2016, Inverness Scotland – video’d a load of chemtrails mixed in with contrails (I know the difference)….watched it fall over the next 3 or so hours before sundown…..went a walk at about 9:00pm and was coughing quite a bit, never paid much attention to it then on sunday morning went outside and fine….no coughing….it was only when I went outside the night before for a half hour walk that I was coughing and had a niggling, but doubtful, feeling of tightness in lungs, as though they were being tickled (best way to describe it)…no chemtrails this sunday though and breathing back to normal, Saturday was not a windy day at all so the trails just hung there in the sky spreading out causing haze, it was a beautiful day until late afternoon as the trails spread out, from horizon to horizon (best way to identify chemtrail is horizon to horizon while contrails always disperse behind the aircraft at a varying distance depending on altitude and weather at that height)

    • James Hodgskiss29th February 2016 at 1:16 pm #

      Hiya John, They’re not just horizon-to-horizon. A lot (if not all) of the shorter trails are also chemtrails.

    • Adil zafar25th July 2016 at 2:53 am #

      Hi there I hope u are well now but if you have also had the itchy and glittery skin and crawling under skin basically morgellons and the hospital say it’s all in ur head please contact me 07444617512

  11. Paul3rd May 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    Been watching the Chem trails here in Whitley Bay Newcsstle over the last couple of weeks while we have had some blue sky’s. It’s so obvious that this isn’t natural or just con trails.

  12. Daniel Williams14th May 2016 at 12:26 am #

    There are many things on your website missing vital data which would go towards allowing your readers, who clearly know very little about this subject, to learn what they are seeing vs what they are pointing at and labelling based on subjective belief.

    Let me provide you all, including the owners of this website, with some essential information.

    1. The airliners of the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 1980’s used a technology and engineering far different to what exists today. It all began with the Boeing 757 and 767.
    Aircraft before this, used to have engines without high powered ‘High-Bypass’. Their engines were small and ‘Low-Bypass’ engines i.e the Pratt & Whitney JT8D, which powered the Boeing 737-100 and 200, The Boeing 727, The Douglas DC9’s and other variants. The Douglas DC8, Convair, Trident, BA1-11 also were low-bypass. These aircraft made up the vast majority of the small mid sized civil airliner throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s across the world. They made up around 5000 of the worlds population of airliners.
    The larger wide bodies:
    The Boeing 747-100/200/300 used P&W JT9D (other minority variants include the RB211 and GE CF6) which was the first High-Bypass but still highly polluting and small in terms of size and power compared to todays engine. Less than 400 were built.
    The Lockheed TriStar with Rolls Royce RB211 was also a High bypass, but again, very polluting and small compared to todays engines. Less than 250 were built.
    McDonnell Douglas DC10 – Powered by JT9D’s and GE CF6’s. As above. Less than 450 built.

    This was an era of airliners which were not very powerful, not very fast, highly polluting and could not fly at high altitudes. The smaller early trijets for example could not break 30’000ft. Even the big wide bodies struggled to break 35’000ft. Bear in my mind that the smaller aircraft made up the vast majority of the aircraft throughout those first 40 years, they couldn’t break the transition ceiling necessary for persistent contrails to form. The average ceiling for trails to form is between 28’000ft and 32’000ft for these aircraft.
    Also, because these earlier aircraft were highly polluting, their exhaust was made up of soot, burnt oil and burnt kerosine which plumed black smoke out of the engine. These do not mix with precipiating well, infact they separate from eachother. With the low capability to bypass the water in the air, these early engines engulfed it all and the larger aircraft enguld most of it with minimal bypass.
    This was what caused the low power. You can take a look at the aircraft above and see these small early engines on these aircraft. In these time, airports would become densely smogged because of how much smoke these aircraft plumed out.
    All this go towards the lack of contrail formation in the early days.

    This is very different now.
    From the birth of the Boeing 757 and 767, the High by-pass engine was redesigned. The 757’s Rolls Royce RB211-535 became a new design in ‘High-Bypass-ratio’ engines. It was far less polluting and immensely powerful and quiet due to its new fan and compressor design, a fan which allowed air and water etc to flow at a very high rate into the surrounding chambers of the engine, to allow full turbine power from the engines.
    The 767 came with a bigger and powerful redesigns of the P&W JT9D, GE CF6 and new Rolls Royce RB211-524 (which went on to power the 747-400)
    These two aircraft with their redesigned engines were a game changer, in terms of altitude capability, power, speed and pollution. Because they could fly high, meant the thresholds above contrail formation had increased up to 8000ft which is a dramatic change, considering this holds around a 20 degree temperature change.
    The other variants of the 737 i.e 300 and 400 were built with CFM56 high bypass engines but they were still relatively small which meant less prominent contrails, but could fly at higher altitudes with far less pollution.

    But now, we move into the new era. The small aircraft built now with CF6 and IAE2000 High-Bypass, was the A320 family. This is a VERY important factor into the modern era of airliners in the skies. Just the A320 family alone from the early 1990’s to the present day (They’re still being built), around 6000 have been built. Just this aircraft family (A318/19/20/21) almost surpass the entire aircraft built in 40 years since the 1950’s to the early 1980’s.
    Then we saw the birth of the Boeing 777. An enormous aircraft whose engines were so large, that a Boeing 737 fuselage could fit inside it. These engines, GE, P&W and RR variants were now unlike any other that had gone before it. These engines created 2 modes of thrust. One from the engine itself, the other from the high-bypass. The chambers on the outside of the engine, were made to have enormous amounts of air, water and ice forced into them by the main fans. The 777 engine was built originally to have around 74,000 lbf, whereas the newer variants have a staggering 115,000 lbf.
    To put this into perspective, you would need 12x JT8D’s to power the 777.
    This kind of power enabled the 777 to fly higher, faster and with immense thrust. This plays a huge part in how contrails at greater heights, are formed. The greater the trust, the greater the depth of contrail and the larger the engine the greater volume of water and air and fuel as the exhaust. These engines are designed to create to exhausts plumes. One from the inner turbo-engine and the other from the chambers of the High-Bypass. This is why modern airliners contrails have one contrail within another.
    Due to their aerodynamics with flexing wings, winglets, swept back wing tips etc, they create new forms of wake vorteces, and they create a spiralling effect.
    I will also point out that to date 1200 Boeing 777’s have been built.

    A list of other aircraft which possess these larger more powerful aircraft are:
    Airbus A330 200/300
    Airbus A340-200/300/500/600
    Boeing 787-800/900

    Other manufacturers include Embraer and Dornier.

    In all, there are around 24’000 airliners flying around the world today. All of them possess these new engineering technologies. The latest being, the Boeing 737 and A320 family who have been built with New generation engines.
    The aircraft from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, even those from the early 1990’s, have all been retired and scrapped. None of them are flying in our skies anymore. That’s why the difference now i so massive.
    At least 8000 aircraft were flying in the mid 20th century. We have 3 times as many now, who can fly higher, faster and with less polluting elements.
    This is why the contrails are more plumed, persistent and also, larger. The A380 is a prime example. That giant creates the largest contrails ever seen. And it is to no surprise seing it can fly at a ceiling of 42’000ft. So now, can the other aircraft as they are constantly designed to be lighter, more powerful and capable of coping with such dense temperatures.
    (The Airbus and Boeing small to mid jets fly several times a day especially in the USA where they do up 5x destinations in 1x one-way flightplan and then repeat it again coming back. Whilst 50 or so hubs are operating the samr flights and upto 100 flights from different aircraft. )
    One more thing to add to this. When an aircraft is ascending, it means the aircraft is at full thrust which means the engine are pumping out a lot of fuel. This will make the contrail longer, more pronounced and persistent. But, these aircraft have to climb through the threshold where contrails are not frozen and then, frozen. The aircraft enters are flight level were the temperatures fluctuate, so the trails will appear to have been “turned on and off”. No, this is where the contrail is forming according to the threshold where it is too warm to freeze vs too cold not to freeze.
    But, on the descent, the engines are slowed and then idled. The thrust is minimal and therefore the trail is less pronounced, short and doesn’t last very long as it gets lower and lower. When it enters the threshold height, once again it’ll enter the fluctuation of temperatures and then the exhaust will no longer freeze as it drops below that threshold.
    So, the large contrails we see today, are not just madeup of ful burn, but actual purpose made pulverised water which thriugh the designs of the engines, create these large plumes because they are not tainted by soot, oil and fuel exhaust.
    There are videos which can be found on youtube of an aircraft taking off from an Alaskan airport in the dead of winter at -40 or more, and the engines at 160kts are already creating enormous contrail plumes. Because it’s so cold there is no warm air to give the appearance of jet wash. It immediate contrail from the ground.

    2. All of these aircraft, even from the 1950’s, follow directional pathways known as airways. You have low altitude airways and high altitude airways. Each of them connected by VOR’s, intersection, NDB’s and airports.
    Each pilot in each aircraft for every flight, maps out a route through these airways. There are thousands upon thousands of airways and intersections and every pilot follows these like vehicles do on the ground.
    These aircraft can enter these air-routes and different altitudes as long as they are above or below the thresholds to be high altitude or low altitude. These airways cross cross all over the sky, to and from destinations all through the day.
    In every photograph of every alleged set of chemtrails, people will see them all aiming into or from, the same points. They will fan out as if they were all heading for the same point of coming from the same point.
    All anyone has to do, is obtain the airways charts for the area above their town or city, and map them. Locate the points where the VOR’s and intersections meet and cross, and you’ll bear witness immediately, to where the aircraft you can see in the sky are heading and that they are on a set flightplan following a specific airways route to head for the next one, and the next one all throughout that flight until they land.
    Charts can be downloaded to be able to map all that out no matter where you are. It’s a simple test. DO IT!

    3. One of the things i see the most, are assumptions made by people who don’t know what on earth they’re talking about. The photographs above, have implicated ideas to what they are, but they are in fact utter nonsense and insinuated accusatory gestures by someone who wants to make something sinister instead of actually, perfectly normal in terms of aviation and also, just normal cloud formations (disregarding climate change influences) etc.

    As yet, there have been NO photographs or film of any jet spraying chemtrails. So, chemtrail believers have to change the reality of things to appear as though there is in fact a conspiracy. Until of course they are taught and caught out. Normal clouds are now sinister conspiracy clouds. All airliners are now sinister conspiracy jets. Except of course when they themselves fly, then everything is a-ok! Even though 1001 chemtrail comrades on the ground are looking up and seeing white lines coming from that aircraft and screaming the same accusation. Great irony!

    Oh, and fuel dumps come from nozzles on one of nacelles on the wing to empty fuel on an emergency landing. Early aircraft used to fuel dump if they over-estimated the fuel burn and would be too heavy on landing. Modern airlines no longer do such reckless things.

    4. The concept of chemtrails harming people on the ground. This now falls into the realm of science and also, large amounts of logic and reason.
    Chemtrail believers say that what comes out of these sprayers are aerosols. Correct. Well, aerosols are gases, correct? Well, i’m afraid to say that gases do not fall to the ground, the float up into the atmosphere. Also, no trails can be seen unless these aircraft reach over 30’000ft. Which mans that at that height, the winds reach from 40kts to 150kts in any direction. This means, that even if the trails fell 1000ft, these winds would have drifted that trail away from a target area on the ground. That’s why they spread out on days where the winds at that height are strong. But, as they drift, the sun soon burns them off. This is why the following day they are all gone. If these chemtrails for the past 18 years were spraying, there wouldnlt a clear blue sky on any inch if the earth. But, every morning, you have either overcast skies or clear blue skies and the white lines only appear when the airliners start to operate or when the long haul international night flights are coming into the big cities.
    Therefore, spraying a row of chemtrails full of the alleged poisons you all say are in them, would mean that the accuracy for them to spray and reach you on the ground, would be like releasing a feather at 38’0000ft and having it land in your garden.
    The only time you see these white lines is when they are too far above any conceivable altitude to harm anyone on the ground. Rain clouds, even in storms, have an average ceiling of 25’000ft. Normal clouds are but a few thousand feet. Unharmed by any contrail! So how can any of you suggest chemtrails are poisoning rain water. They are not even close to each other. When the clouds are covering the sky, these aircraft are still flying above them and still creating contrails. The pH of rain water is still close to neutral which you can test and you can witness by how everything is still growing. At least is in the UK because everything is still green, lust and colourful.
    Strange though, how people with the worst health issues, are all crowded in highly populated towns and cities!

    But now i will say something which epitomises the slow joe who proclaims that these alleged chemicals exist. Everyday, men and women are exposed to aerosols in their home BY THEMSELVES, whether they are deoderants, soaps, body washes, creams, detergents, hair sprays, hair gels, household bleach/aerosols, polishes etc. I suggest you all sit down and and look at the content of these products that you all use everyday. Most of them are aerosols that you spray around you without even a second thought and without masks.
    3/4 of the things you are all accusing to be the fault of chemtrails can be found in your own homes and used by you all on a daily basis. I mean, you even have smokers moaning about chemtrails. People using microfibers cloths and pads etc which are just as dangerous as asbestos.

    To be quite honest, the accusations made on this website alone, are made out of lunacy to the cause of mass paranoia but also, pure ignorance and laziness. Know-it-allism is a disease plaguing huge numbers of people nowadays and they thrive on their own brand of accusatory garbage and never look at themselves, their behaviours and choices which go towards creating the very same poisoning they are accusing such thing onto chemtrails. It’s as if they can’t be bothered to sit and do the hard work so they just raise a finger, point and say “you are to blame”. This gesture “JUST LOOK UP” is what gets me. The most stupid, nonsensical phrase. No ones eyes can look at something 8 miles away, especially not in the sky. If an enormous A380 looks like a speck of lint in the sky, then how on earth can any of you say “Just look up” when you are seeing something way too far beyond your range of conceivable sight? It’s idiotic!
    These people are going to court and setting up websites to stop something that not only doesn’t exist, but cannot even prove!

    I urge anyone who believes in chemtrails to reply to me, because i will prove, even if you are all too stubborn to accept the facts, that your ignorance of this set of subjects has gone towards your own mass paranoia but also, your untruths which are causing people to accept and believe based on subjective means causing delusion and blind belief but also, fear, because none of you offer the truth and the knowledge to back up your claims so that they can make a more indepth assessment!

    • Sid James22nd July 2016 at 6:57 pm #

      You have an education on this subject that sadly will be ignored by these poor people, mass psychosis with a twist of paranoia seems to be the norm.
      Thank you for the detailed and documented explanation.

    • Sylvia27th July 2016 at 5:41 am #

      I very much enjoyed reading your article.
      But everything you said, although rational and well researched does not explain why Barium and Aluminium particles, and even Arsenic and Boron -among other substances -are being found in samples of rainwater in non-industrial areas. Those particles are coming down from the sky. What the heck are they doing in the sky in the first place? Is this a weather phenomenon?….these substances are somehow being lifted up in one part of the world, carried on high altitude air currents, and then manifest somewhere else on the planet coming down with the rain?

      Take a look at this:

      If you don’t agree with the video, or feel it’s some scurrilous pseudo-news report designed to get people watching the ads on TV, then that’s okay, but please do listen carefully from 0:56 to 1:03.
      Barium in samples, 3 TIMES the toxic level set by the EPA!

      That’s just Barium. Similar toxicolgy reports have been obtained from other places globally, confirming the same or similar.
      That seems to discount any ‘natural’ accumulation of Aluminium, Barium, Arsenic, etc which may be present as a normal phenomenon.

      By the way, the samples (and other similar independent samples worldwide) contain PARTICLES, not gases

    • Michael Rathbone23rd September 2017 at 6:26 pm #

      An interesting piece on the evolution of modern aviation. However the author avoids the obvious proof from top scientists who are not answerable to global corporations, NASA and CIA whistle blowers who have spoken out about these covert chemical spraying operations so please give us a break and go back to reading your Biggles books.

  13. Teresa Hobday17th August 2016 at 12:57 pm #

    I have seen these trails overhead in rural Shropshire, probably the same ones seen in Manchester, usually on sunny days followed by dimming of the sunshine. I became unwell and being a therapist did some self testing, half expecting aluminium but what showed up was barium. I didn’t know much about barium apart from barium meals so I looked it up. It seems that it has reflective properties which makes sense in terms of trying to slow down climate change. But how crazy is it to be doing this in an area that grows our food and needs healthy grass for fattening beef. How can we stop it?

    • Terry Walsh8th April 2017 at 3:56 pm #

      Teresa , what is difficult is the fact that they use nano particles which are ground that small they can by pass the natural safety we have in the nose to stop any unwanted dust types going straight to the head/brain area….now if this is untrue i apologise , however it was a few years ago i read the piece and it was i remember from a well known person in that field…….
      Who knows if they have cut right down on aluminium ? they were using it over a hell of a long time without the numbers of people now concerned worrying them?
      so maybe that could be one explanation …..i mean , have you seen the fall out pictures? it looks horrible , and imagine years of that falling on us and the land and water? Climate change ? well the people who fund and are in charge of the chemtrail spraying are the same people who have written a lovely book on man-kind (or rather the useless eaters) and how many people are needed to sustain life on earth , sorry if you know all this but Agenda 21 is all about decreasing the population in a number of years …from approx 7+ billion to 500,000,000 and the reading of it though difficult to understand , can be worked out and it is not nice……the same people are those who are basically taking over the world because they think they have the rights through bloodlines but money could easily be said too….so they are over the government puppet politicians and that is why we hear nothing from our ”leaders” going back to their stupid reason for spraying..,. ”global warming” , what happens in the long run to the weather ? dont forget ‘HAARP’ a lovely modern way of changing weather to suit ones needs ….So , what i am trying to say is like you mentioned Manchester , i have been watching and recording this for a number of years now in photographs and i wonder why only certain places are getting this full on ? and full on for years…..they ‘the global elite’ are patient , for years with this on our soil and in our lungs we become weaker and prone to catching lesser viruses that we should and did fight off naturally with our bodies yet with food being modified genetically , water containing stupid amounts of you know what (hahaa, i cannot spell fluoride)….vitamins being weakened (especially for babies) and all the ”anti virus injections ” being forced on people in the states and elsewhere , then they are on track for bringing the numbers of humans on earth down by so many means , and many more than i have mentioned, do we really believe they are doing chemtrails for the good of humanity? do you think their children receive the anti virus shots or eat the gm foods that are taking over other foods? do you think they dont have medical treatment that only they use to combat what harms us? they are not slowing down climate change….they are depriving us of the vitamins that the sun provides i beleive…

  14. Alton20th December 2016 at 8:06 pm #

    There is a lot more to the lines in the sky .Some of the planes are illusion have a good look through a scope or check fake planes on utube , if u observe them you will see there is no flight plan u may also observe they spray in different parts of the sky at different times they follow the suns path , is there something that is being hidden at sunset , this is something to think about .Peace

  15. Lawrence27th March 2017 at 2:08 am #

    There is definitely trails coming off planes ? Yes
    Could it just be water vaper ? No
    Is it chemicals used to control citizens ? No and stop being so ridiculous TV can do that.
    Is it pollution? Yes and that is the problem we should be tackling , the oil pollution, engine pollution, it is that very real and damaging and harmful effect we should be putting our energy in to rather than some mental conspiracy theory

  16. KevD13th July 2017 at 12:23 pm #

    Was just looking up and admiring the clear blue midday skies in Gwynedd, couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a high altitude military jet fighter traveling at a very fast rate of knots spraying trails in an S fashion backwards and forwards in the sky just in front of the sun, (this must have been very uncomfortable for the pilot due to the hurried manner) the trails expanded within minutes, 10 minutes later the skies were grey and the sun hazed out, this has been happening all summer (but with large planes) especially before sun set and sun rise
    World governments and elites, what are you trying to hide? Do you really think we are all blind and stupid!
    People of the world, we need to join in Unisom and stand for our so called freedom and express our feelings!
    Either except and respect our existence or expect our resistance

    • James Hodgskiss14th July 2017 at 1:03 pm #

      Hiya KevD, Thanks for your message. Can you get a video of it next time?

  17. Julie22nd July 2017 at 7:34 am #

    I live in north wales, I,m fed up every morning waking up find they been spraying while we sleep, its July 2017, and we seem to be having more storms, rain, wind, it like winter, the bees finding it too cold so their dying farmers finding it hard gather hay etc as need sun for it dry, me I been very I’ll , had flu non- stop for months and yes people that think the spraying is just normal clouds, and that nonsense they would,nt do that to us, so yes people find it hard to believe but photos of skies before and photos today might be way proving it what will it take, they already made films depicting future think time for ppl wake up before we ruin this planet, with mad scientists playing god

  18. Dave19th November 2017 at 2:06 pm #

    The whole thing makes the mind boggle.
    Chemically dosing the sky for whatever reason is like pissing in your only supply of water.
    If ‘they’ are trying to block out the sun, then why.
    ‘They’ don’t have their own personal supply of sunshine.

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