Dr Mike Yeadon speaks out against PCR, Lockdown and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr Mike Yeadon

This is the interview to show people that are considering getting jabbed. Mike Yeadon was the lead scientist at Pfizer with a background that makes him very well positioned to call out the Government on their COVID-19 and vaccination policies. The interviewer is James Delingpole and the discussion lasts for 1 hour 6 minutes: Meanwhile, […]

Call for Evidence on HMG Lockdowns

UK Parliament

How is the ongoing Government oppression affecting you? Evidence requested by Parliament Committees this weekend. From Government Committees page: In order to seek to control the impact of Covid-19, the Government has introduced successive restrictive measures, with varying degrees of severity, both nationally and locally. The impact of these measures has been widely felt, and […]

The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya From 1st to 4th October, 2020, the American Institute for Economic Research hosted a remarkable meeting of top epidemiologists, economists and journalists, to discuss the global emergency created by the unprecedented use of state compulsion in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is […]

Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives

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From Lockdown Sceptics by Dr Michael Yeadon: I never expected to be writing something like this. I am an ordinary person, recently semi-retired from a career in the pharmaceutical industry and biotech, where I spent over 30 years trying to solve problems of disease understanding and seek new treatments for allergic and inflammatory disorders of […]

Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts a Doctors’ COVID-19 Roundtable

Dr Rashid Buttar COVID-19

Scientific consensus? Over a hundred scientists join Dr Buttar by video to cast their votes on the various aspects of COVID-19 that are being shielded from the public. Watch at londonreal.tv Contents 0:00 – Introduction.1:00 – Brian Rose introduction to the roundtable.3:29 – Brian Rose asks Dr. Buttar about inconsistencies in COVID-19 death rates and […]

5G Legal Action Fundraiser Now Underway

Action Against 5G

The much-anticipated fundraiser for the UK’s Action Against 5G began this morning, 23rd May 2020. The government’s actions in authorising 5G are a breach of human rights. We are challenging the government to stop its unlawful action in failing to protect the public from the health risks from 5G technology which we all face through […]

Lord Sumption versus BBC/HMG on Lockdown

Lord Sumption versus BBC-HMG

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJPF5j129QQ BBC reporter put in her place. (8 mins) Vaccinations Despite his refreshing words in that interview (at one point, I almost considered splashing out on a TV license!), it’s important to take issue with Lord Sumption’s apparent faith in vaccinations. To add to the many well-publicised concerns about vaccinations, here is one of several […]