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  1. Mark Paterson28th November 2013 at 12:26 am #

    This beautiful planet belongs to everyone who inhabits it,not just some fat,greedy corporations.Geoengineering must stop.

    • Chemtrails Project UK1st December 2013 at 3:29 pm #

      We agree, thanks for taking the time to comment Mark, if you feel so inclined perhaps you would like to alert your MP and be part of ground swell of people asking for it to stop.. your effort will make a difference. Please read and share the second edition of this informative document found on this link. https://chemtrailsprojectuk.com/take-action/directive/

      Thanks you and good luck.

  2. Common sense13th February 2014 at 7:33 pm #

    This is the most damaging, ill-informed, blind stupid website I have ever come across.

    I thought the UK were above this shit, but no people like you have to constantly remind me we have a long road to go before everyone stops for a second and uses some rational thinking, looks at evidence and comes to a logical conclusion. The fact you are asking for donations makes me sick, what is this money going to? This is kind of money grabbing act repulses me almost to the Mega Church indoctrinations over in the US.

    Chemtrails!? Please just go have a look at the physics of an aerofoil and the basics of flight, you will realise these gases you see are due to the rapid compression and subsequent decompression of the cold air causing condensation and thus, water vapour. The same explanation is true for the vapours from a jet engine.

    If you honestly believe in this contrived bullshit please just take a look at the evidence and any rebuttals. I don’t see why the rest of us have to waste our time and money explaining such ludicrous claims to you. There are big enough problems in the world we need to work together on, stop making this damaging stuff up and detracting from real problems.

    • Chemtrails Project UK13th February 2014 at 10:52 pm #

      All references in the Directive to Ban Geoengineering https://chemtrailsprojectuk.com/take-action/directive/ are verifiable and many are Government Documents. The latest article by Neil Foster https://chemtrailsprojectuk.com/flood-policies-pack-damn-lies-deliberate-flooding-somerset-levels/ asks Are we witnessing a geo-engineering phenomenon to ensure that EU and UN policies are implemented on schedule? Was the ‘Managing Flood Risk’ document of 2009 the causal factor in terms of its implementation to have fully taken effect in 2015 by flooding those specified areas highlighted in the report? You decide…

      • Common sense13th February 2014 at 11:51 pm #

        What? No.

        You haven’t answered anything, merely directed attention away to another absurd concocted notion of a moron.

        What earthly reason would they have to do this? Massive loss in income and economy let alone the money spent to repair the damage.

        All the ‘facts’ here are inconceivably rationalist and deductive that they are borderline humorous if they weren’t so damaging. Using these methods I can claim almost anything as fact, such as:

        All odd numbers are integers.
        All even numbers are integers.
        Therefore, all odd numbers are even numbers.

        • Scientist25th November 2014 at 8:36 am #

          I don’t get you, Common Sense.
          As a sceptic of chemtrails your task would be to explain the arguments from a different perspective of this so called “stupid website”. As you use some aggressive verbalisms you show only emotions.
          Could you explain why there are trails where there should not be?
          The following videos in English show you the discrepancy between weather reports and weather facts as you may get them from your national weather service if they let you do so:

          And the main argument is: this has to cost quite a bit to put all the planes in the sky. Well, it does not cost that much as David Keith of the Harvard University explained it a lot of times.
          Thus: What is your main argument? I don’t get it, Common Sense.

          The rain water tests show that there is pollution in the air which is not to supposed to be in the air.
          The Sahara dust does not explain how the aluminum is dissolved out of chemical compounds of the earth crust to which the aluminum is bounded to. You need a lot of acid in the air to dissolve aluminum from earth crust compounds. Even in the equatorial areas where the aluminum is usually prospected as this video shows:

          Even if you assume that the forests are acidified by acid rains you can not explain in that way an acidification process of the assumed Sahara dust within the air. The acids within the air are scattered. The difference to the forests: By raining the acid within the acid rain accumulates into the soil and dissolved in that way the aluminum out of the soil on the ground. If the Sahara dust falls down in Europe it will become part of the European soil. The destruction of the European forests is caused by European earth crust aluminum which is dissolved by accumulated acid rains.
          The content of barium in the air is also not explained by the argument of the earth crust.
          I am sorry: Common Sense – you don’t give an answer to the kernel issue of the chemtrail argument: the already going on Geoengineering.
          It was just David Keith who suggested the use of aluminum for that purpose.
          And the mind-shaking answer of David Keith about the healthiness of aluminum was: Well, we still have to investigate this topic with “Carnegie”.
          Wright-Patterson-Airforcebase has already done so a long time ago, but David Keith – as a “scientist” – did not know the answer.
          I ask you, Common Sense: What kind of science is that – if you do not do your job as a scientist?
          You fight the semantics – not the facts.

        • commonsenseisstupid10th June 2016 at 12:00 pm #

          fuck me you are so stupid.. why would water vapour leave persistent lines over our skies? idiot.. you dont have to explain fuck all because you KNOW fuck all! if you think the compression of air leads to the sudden off/on of these nozzles that release gasses in areas other than where the turbines are you need a slap!

          funny how you didnt put your name on here cos as soon as you get proved wrong you’re gonna climb back into your shell they did geoengineering in the china olympics and this twat still thinks its the impossible.. oh but wait theres more important things our government will put in our face in the media at all angles to distract us lets listen to that.. u mug

    • Tony Browne31st July 2014 at 9:18 pm #

      Did not take them long to get their paid TROLL out i see

    • Anna-Ki18th April 2015 at 7:19 am #

      Wow! I’m going to guess you’ve never actually looked up at the sky have you “common sense”? Because if you had you would have found for yourself crisscrossing trails all over the sky, commercial airlines fly at roughly 30,000ft up in the air hence the vapour trails because it’s pretty cold that high up… The dirty scum who are spraying us fly nowhere near that height. Look at the difference in the trails too, vapour trails dissipate near on straightaway, chemtrails take hours sometimes even couple of days to disappear. If that’s not dirty chemicals slowly floating downwards then what is it? I would love to stop getting ill because of the bastards!

  3. Sean O'Brien15th March 2015 at 12:46 am #

    I live in central Liverpool and as far as I can remember since I was a little kid January, February & March weather has been clear cold sunny days with occasional rain, hail & snow. I have only in the past year started to become aware of the chemtrailing operations. I have observed that we have had very little sun since Christmas day (There was no chemtrails on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day) However boxing day on to New Years eve was a continuous bombardment of chemtrails blanketing the sky. Maybe the NWO keep Christmas day sacred; like when in world war one the British and the German soldiers would call a truce and play a game of football on no mans land.

    The fact of the matter is we are under attack by technologically superior forces of evil. I avoid going out on heavy chemtrail days unless absolutely necessary. I have HEPA filters in each room of my home running 24/7 and I filter my tap water using a BRITA filter.

    I have no clue as to how we can put an end to this tyranny. The “sheeple” are becoming increasingly dumbed down day by day. I have been attempting to raise awareness of this heinous crime against humanity by placing chemtrail awareness stickers around public places i.e. bus stops, schools, universities ect. This global and not just UK abomination is being orchestrated by our very government aka the New World Order.

    I honestly do not know how we the people can achieve real results and at a fast enough rate to save our world from the self inflicted mass destruction detonation sequence that has already commenced.

    All you hear on the BBC is we have to reduce our CO2 emissions in order for the UK to become carbon neutral and reduce a carbon footprint.

    If I had the opportunity I would stamp my carbon foot print right on David Cameron’s forehead good and hard.

    Alex Jones Info Wars is a good place to start to find out what is going on in America and around the world including the UK.

    I want to know what airports these chemtrail jets are being refueled at and what corporations are involved in the logistics of implementing such an insanely huge secret engineering project/conspiracy. Who are the retrofitting the airliners? Where are the chemicals being manufacturing? What engineering companies are involved in the maintenance of the aircraft?

    I have noticed that on the days of a football match at either Anfield or Goodison the sky is blanketed with a silver/white haze. The chemtrails don’t happen at night in Liverpool I have noticed unless their is football match on late. Usually the chemtrails start at about 9am and reach a climax i.e total blanketing of the natural sky/sun by mid day and then by 5:30pm the chemtrailing stops and then by about 9pm the sky starts to become clear; I mean really clear by about 11pm you can see the stars and the moon. Early mornings are always clear until around 9am the jets start there spraying again and the same story repeats virtually every day since Christmas 2014. Unless its a special event i.e. festival, or national holiday the chemtrailing starts a day in advance. This suggests to me and I am a layman; that the chemtrails are there purely to either suppress, cause illness or control PEOPLE in some absolutely insane and criminal way.

    Chemtrails are in my humble opinion THE single greatest threat to life on this fragile planet. Greater than the myriad of nuclear weapons that are spread throughout this world and the hyped up threat of Ebola virus.

    We need a ******* miracle to save us. God bless and don’t let the chemtrails bite.

    • Clinton Barr27th January 2016 at 1:24 am #

      Yes I to have observed these trails and you explain it in a way you would think that people would just take a few hours watching the sky. Im 37 now and the weather is nothing like it was when I was a boy. In fact Ive just took the dog for a walk and we are supposed to be getting the end of storm Jonas, it’s 1am and it’s windy but not in the least bit cold, more like what you’d get late September It’s very unnerving to say the Least,Odd thing happened today got chatting on fb about the issue he didn’t believe it was going on just rubbished my attempt to educate him, we got on to the composition of the trails Evidence points to there being aluminum (nano particles ) among others. and I got to thinking could nano aluminum particles cause an endothermic Or exothermic reaction with the chloride already present in tap water. If so this would produce aluminum chloride which is an antidepressant and bizarrely an antiperspirant (aerosols). Just you know when you said dumbed down. Because you know Hitler used sodium fluoride to dumb down prisoners, again it’s also used in antidepressants, or rat poison.

  4. Anna-Ki18th April 2015 at 7:37 am #

    Anyone that disbelieves I urge you to spend a few days looking up at the sky. They tend to spray more often during the weekend & early hours of the morning. Guaranteed spraying when we have a clear sunny day.
    There’s also countermeasures taking place, been on going since Ancient Greek times. Look up & research Sylphs :)

  5. Bruno6th May 2016 at 7:21 am #

    I am no conspiracy theorist, like most people on here I have seen unusual flight patterns zig zagging across the sky by up to four planes leaning huge trails then doing a u turn and going over again over several hours.

    I am a seasoned traveler covering much of the globe and can not recall a commercial flight doing anything other than going in a straight line!

    I took some photos this morning on the school run at 8am in Hessle near Hull and they show 4 planes leaving over 30 trails.

    I have read all the scientific evidence about how contrails and do not dispute that but can anyone give me any rational reason for 4 planes to be zig zagging back and forth in this way????

    • David20th June 2017 at 10:25 pm #

      Yes Bruno, those aircraft are in a holding pattern, they are in the shape of a horse racing course, aircraft are stacked with vertical separation and they all decent a level as the bottom one is cleared to land. Can be used to hold single aircraft too. As for comments on the longevity of some trails well that’s down to ice crystals and calm conditions. I’ll leave you all to carry on barking at the moon.

      • James Hodgskiss23rd June 2017 at 10:19 am #

        Hello David, Sorry for the delay publishing your comment. I’ve heard of many reports similar to Bruno’s – the behaviour of the planes not being consistent with the holding procedue. Can you tell us more about the “calm” conditions being the reason for persistent trails?

  6. Connie Drummond8th May 2016 at 12:01 pm #

    Sean O’Brien could easily have been speaking for the Oxfordshire area as everything he describes has been in progress here incessantly for some long time. My letters to MPs, Environmental offices, Oxford Air-traffic Controller, local Councillors have received responses showing they are all in denial despite our local MP telling me she is Chair of the Government Science and Technology Committee which, for a fresh, young MP, is a quick rise to fame. Scientist also has produced an excellent report on these pages whilst explaining to Common Sense that ‘semantics’ is a diversion as Nicola Blackwood, MP, tried when telling me that ‘geoengineering’ is not going on in the UK but ‘other countries operate weather modification techniques’ but these DON’T, she claims, come under the heading of ‘climate change’..! As a sceptic I would also add to the semantics/euphamisms that ‘young, fresh, quick rise to fame’ in her case translates to ‘ambitious, eager to please, easily malleable’.
    I started out trying to alert people to geoengineering but this seemed too hard an issue to grasp as we humans are naturally trusting of our leaders despite my pointing out Porton Down activity between 1940 – 1979. I then asked some local students to discuss with their lecturers why we are now allowing civil and military aviation CONTRAILS to pollute our skies hourly throughout every day obliterating what should be a BLUE sky, if originally cloudless. One lad actually thanked me for making him look up and wonder what the hell was going on. If Common Sense doesn’t believe in chemtrails then he/she surely should be demanding to know why our skies are permanently overcast and on a warm, May day like today, is white and hazy due to the jet exhausts being fired into the atmosphere, spreading and obliterating sunlight causing us in Oxfordshire to hit the vitamin D supplements.
    On the London orbital (M25) my son was intrigued to pass a convoy (nine) massive tankers with ‘fuel additive’ painted on the side. These vehicles appear under ‘military fuel tankers’ on Google so you can see how big they are. As far as I know RAF Northolt is only six miles from Heathrow.
    I’m sorry to be rambling somewhat but I am also an avid tennis fan and noticed all the chemtrailing going on across the Monte Carlo skies, so, even the tax-haven rich-folks aren’t sacred from attack. The morning of the final the commentators reported on a delay caused by totally unforecast bad weather….!
    Sadly, I have just heard another ambulance siren which was once an uncommon occurence but now we hear a minimum of four each day. The ambulance service will surely have a huge story to tell. My own family has lost two members in the last year alone to cancer, one 37 the other 60 and a brother in the South of France (which is also heavily bombarded) has had a rapid onset of Alzheimers. We are being bumped off without a doubt but, for the sake of our grandchildren, we have to stick our noses in the trough and get dirty. I’ve spent nearly 70 years on the planet and only recently had a huge awakening that my whole life has been a lie. Nevertheless, it has proven cathartic in a way to learn that so many people, in setting up websites like these, are getting the true message out and finally getting through to those of us coming late to the party – you know what I mean.

  7. The Rev Peter Giles23rd November 2016 at 2:08 pm #

    I always go out nowadays wearing a full head of wrapping foil. Evidence from real scientists suggests that this not only combats the effects of chemtrails but can actually start to reverse them.

    I have though, always wondered why they tend to do this most on clear sunny days. Why is that? It’s almost as if they want to be seen,which for such a secret operation seems rather odd. Don’t you think?

    As Bruno put it in his earlier comment, planes only really every fly in straight lines, the definitely do not circling, re-routing or course adjusting whatsoever. Well, that’s my experience as well Bruno, I’ve only ever been aware of travelling in a straight line when I’ve been on a plane!

    Anyway, I’m off to continue reading Aerodynamics for Dummies and Atmospherics for Dummies (both available from all good retailers). It’s possible that I may not visit this site again after reading, but I doubt that will happen, because I’m pretty sure the content of these books has been designed to ensure that chemtrails can only be explained by perfectly testable effects of aerodynamics and atmospheric effects.

    Did everyone see the recent story about the ‘white’ colourless rainbow? Evidence I believe that water vapour is now so contaminated with from the effects of chemtrailing that it altering the fundamental physical properties of water itself.

  8. Samantha Cranston23rd June 2017 at 2:36 pm #

    Oxford 23/06/2017 been out spraying again over Oxford 5 am this morning crosses and grids.it was a beautifully sunny morning and the whole sky is now covered in clouds and very windy.This is really upsetting me, I’ve been noticing it for that last few months.

    • concretepigeon17th July 2017 at 2:29 pm #

      Somerset 17-7-17 – blue sky has been totally covered by thick dirty looking smog.
      Who do they think they are ?

  9. Beverly5th June 2018 at 8:36 pm #

    Chemtrails, contrails i know the bloody difference. I have never seen a contrail that lingers for longer than a few seconds but i can show you a chemtrail that last the whole day , then there are more and more until lo and behold the sky is no longer the washed out blue it usually is, it is white, or grey, or thunderous looking.
    they can make it snow, rain, thunder, throw in some lightning for good measure.
    Crops are terrible, seeds are practically all GMO, een your organic ones, so beware, check out worldwide seed ownership, what to avoid and who to go with.
    Start growing your own food!
    This chemtrailing is ramped up, miserable sky all day, come 5-6pm it’s clearing but they’re still chemtrailing above the chemclouds.
    I can’t believe there are still so many people who think these are “NORMAL” or completely oblivious.

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