Rainwater Test Kits Now Available

Rainwater Test Kits Now Available

You can now order your own rainwater test kit to obtain your own rainwater samples for independent analysis. . The mission of Chemtrails Project UK is to scientifically test and record the pH level and exact amounts of aluminium, barium, strontium and manganese of the rainwater of every county in the United Kingdom. We will […]

Our Post of the Day

Our Post of the Day

We will be promoting facebook chemtrail pages and groups from the UK and beyond, highlighting our ‘post of the day’ from that group. Todays post is from Jason Maceaney admin at Gloucestershire Chemtrail Chasers. His short timelapse video on the the 8th of Sept illustrates clearly the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail. The […]

Rainwater Test Results Reveal High Toxicity Levels

Independent labs in the UK are now detecting toxic levels of aluminium, barium, magnesium and other high levels of conductive and heavy metals elements in rainwater samples where systematic documentation of this activity has been observed and documented. Also extremely serious cause for concern is that pH levels are reading lower than normal – meaning […]

Dissolving Denial with Hard Irrefutable Facts

Dissolving Denial with Hard Irrefutable Facts

‘STRATOSPHERIC WELSBACH SEEDING FOR REDUCTION OF GLOBAL WARMING’ patent: “Plans to implement Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) have been around since at least 1991 – with reports of its activity beginning to surface in the mid 90s. The US Hughes Aircraft Patent #5,003,186 Patented March 26, 1991 called ‘Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming’ […]

The ‘Directive’

The time for denial, silence and fear is over – EVERY VOICE is needed to bring this to a halt. DISSOLVE the DENIAL by using and sharing Chemtrails Project UK’s ‘DIRECTIVE’ to Ban Geoengineering from our Skies – citing irrefutable evidence and proposing immediate instigation of the UAPA – (United Atmospheric Preservation Act) 4 EASY STEPS EVERYONE […]

London Chemtrails Awareness Conference

FRIDAY 14th DEC , 2012. 2pm – 5pm at THE LONDON LIGHTHOUSE (111 -117 LANCASTER RD, Ladbroke Grove. W11 – 1 min from Ladbroke Grove Tube station, Hammersmith & City Line) An opportunity to see presentations connecting evidence of Chemtrails, Geoengineering and much more. NOW is the time to DISSOLVE DENIAL & TAKE ACTION. Come […]

Kent County Council silent

Kent - 15th September 2012

​Kent County Council being viciously trailed today – I’ve sent The UAPA Directive to them. I’ve phoned them. I’ve even been inside to speak to them personally but still so far I’m met with a wall of silence. Have you seen the aircraft “emissions” regulations in this country? They are an utter joke. And that’s […]

About James

Hello, I’m James and this is my brief introduction about how I got into the chemtrails & geoengineering awareness movement… The first few times I heard about “chemtrails”, I was naturally sceptical. However, I started looking up in 2012 and by the Autumn of that year, I had my first direct experience of the phenomenon. […]