7/7 London Bombings – Quiz

7-7 London Bombings bus - Outright Terror - bold and brilliant
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  From the July 7 website: Welcome to july7.co.uk – an interactive introduction to the 7/7 London Bombings of 2005, which highlights some of the flaws in the official account of the 7/7 London Bombings. With any significant world event where things don’t seem to add up, conspiracy theories often circulate as people try to make […]

Freedom of Information Request: Aircraft Trails

Burying head in sand
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As part of the research into our forthcoming app, I have just sent this Freedom of Information request to the UK Department for Transport. The first three questions are a little boring/technical, but it gets going from Q4… Date: 18th May 2018 To Department for Transport, In relation to your “Aircraft contrails” (26 April 2018) publication, […]

New World Survival Tips

mind body soul
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Despite having been around for centuries, it’s not until the past few decades that smoking has finally been declared as being bad for us. Similarly, we face a number of newer hazards today that are contributing to the widespread illness of an unsuspecting public. So I’ve put this guide together to outline a number of […]

Chemtrails as an Entropic or Anti-Life Energy Influence

Hi-power source diminished by chemtrails from Jan 2016
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By Roger Taylor PhD Syntropic and Entropic Energy There are two type of subtle energy (i.e., energy that is not detectable with physical instruments). The most commonly known type is syntropic energy. It is often referred to as orgone, chi, or life energy, etc. and is an influence that promotes organisation. For example, the organisation of […]

Global Warming Hoax Over?

John J Bates - Global Warming Hoax Whistleblower
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Piers Corbyn and Mark Windows discuss the implications of the recent revelations by Dr John J Bates on Climate Change and the agenda to impoverish people and nations under the Global Action Plan through Climate Change and the agenda to control nations and population through the United Nations’ IPCC and corporate lobbyists. From Windows on the World.

Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie

Global Warming - An Inconvenient Lie
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Invitation to G. Edward Griffin’s Event – GLOBAL WARMING: An Inconvenient Lie – on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. List of honoured guests includes: Lord Monckton Princeton University Professor William Happer Professor Tim Ball Patrick Wood Former Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel Alex Newman Chemtrail researcher Jim Lee Debbie Bacigalupi Ealine Wilman and […]

A Clash of Evidence:

Carnicom image
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The Realities of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) by Clifford E Carnicom Apr 06 2016 (A Partial Editorial) Source: carnicominstitute.org There are many environmental activists who assume a certain cause and relationship between active geoengineering programs and those projects that fall under the term of “Solar Radiation Management“ (SRM). This paper will reiterate the basic fallacy of […]

CRACKED! Top Climate Scientist Admits to Ongoing Geoengineering

Top Climate Scientist Prof Tim Lenton Admits to Geoengineering
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Professor Tim Lenton (Chair in Climate Change/Earth Systems Science, University of Exeter) provided one of the many positive outcomes of this summer’s climate change conference in Paris. You may have missed this major admission from Professor Lenton which we originally broke in our Paris Report, so we revisit it here and round off with a […]

DONATE & WIN ~ Help fund the new “Contrails?” Mobile App.

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  Help  fund the new Contrails? mobile app development. Please donate today and you can WIN in our  GREAT Orgone Generator GIVEAWAY! *UK ONLY because of  shipping restrictions yet if you can, please help contribute to  this project. TY! People around the world will be able to download  the “Contrails?” Mobile App for free! By using the  official ‘live’ […]