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40+ Doctors Tell UK Drug Regulators: Vaccinating Kids for COVID is ‘Irresponsible, Unethical and Unnecessary’

40+ Doctors Tell UK Drug Regulators: Vaccinating Kids for COVID is ‘Irresponsible, Unethical and Unnecessary’

In an open letter to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, more than 40 doctors, medics and scientists in the UK say children are more vulnerable to the potential long-term effects of COVID vaccines. From the Children’s Health Defense: A group of more than 40 doctors, medics and scientists is calling the UK government’s […]

A Good Man Down: The Fatal Reality of Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Are vaccines safe? UK Column reports yet another tragic death following COVID-19 vaccination.

Former Greater Manchester police sergeant Peter John Meadows trusted the UK Government’s Covid-19 vaccination policy. The decision cost him his life. It has taken his two brave daughters, Louise and Lisa, to expose what took place from the time he was vaccinated until he died. Despite collecting vaccine adverse reaction data via their Yellow Card […]

Colloidal Silver Medical Studies on COVID-19


Recent medical studies have been conducted on silver nanoparticles and potential efficacy against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Click the following links to view each paper. Nanomedicine Formulations for Respiratory Infections by Inhalation Delivery – Covid-19 and Beyond: The surveyed literature indicates that silver NpC of diameter 3–7 nm can be highly effective in suppressing viral infections.…We estimate […]

Dr Mike Yeadon speaks out against PCR, Lockdown and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr Mike Yeadon

This is the interview to show people that are considering getting jabbed. Mike Yeadon was the lead scientist at Pfizer with a background that makes him very well positioned to call out the Government on their COVID-19 and vaccination policies. The interviewer is James Delingpole and the discussion lasts for 1 hour 6 minutes: Meanwhile, […]

Call for Evidence on HMG Lockdowns

UK Parliament

How is the ongoing Government oppression affecting you? Evidence requested by Parliament Committees this weekend. From Government Committees page: In order to seek to control the impact of Covid-19, the Government has introduced successive restrictive measures, with varying degrees of severity, both nationally and locally. The impact of these measures has been widely felt, and […]