Rainwater Test Kit Results Map

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Update (28th June 2015):

According to a Severn Trent Water statement: “The UK standard for aluminium is 200 parts per billion (ug/l), or 200 millionths of a gram per litre of water.”

It appears that a high threshold of 200 µg/L has been set in order to accommodate the addition of aluminium to drinking water as “aluminium salts are used at some water treatment plants as part of the clarification process to purify water” and/or because the level “is set to prevent any potential discolouration of the water in the mains and is not based on any concern for health.”

It is apparent, therefore, that the 200 µg/L standard is set for drinking water because aluminium is being used in the processing.

The same standard should not be applied to rainwater. We should not have any aluminium in our rainwater, but we have discovered aluminium levels ranging from below 10 µg/L to as high as 990 µg/L (with a mean of approximately 68 µg/L).

Our claim is that the aluminium being found in rainwater is coming from aircraft. Please see our homepage for an overview of this and read the Directive for a more involved consideration of the issue.

(Incidentally, Severn Trent Water’s statement that the standard is “not based on any concern for health” is ambiguous – i.e., are they saying there are no concerns for health or are they just saying that they are not addressing the health concerns?!)