Directive Update #1

We are over a quarter of the way there!

Thank you to everyone who has sent the Directive to their MP so far. (Use the widget on this page to send it if you haven’t done so yet.)

After a bit of a delay, our status page is now pretty much up-to-date. (If your message to your MP or his/her responses are not showing on the status page, then please let us know.)

So!… we’ve reached 29% of MPs after just 7 weeks, which is really something. Our target is to reach every MP, so please keep sharing the Directive with family and friends, and ask them to be a part of this crucial campaign to bring back our blue skies and clean air.

MP responses

As you may have seen on the status page, many of the MP responses have been substandard, showing no indication that they’ve even read the Directive as they roll out the tired, official Government position on geoengineering and how oh-so important it is for them to save the World by combating the causes of climate change, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc. – without so much as a mention of the NIPCC or the 30,000 independent US scientists that staunchly oppose the flawed notions of global warming and climate change as promoted by the non-scientific IPCC and automatically echoed by our Government.

However, a small number of MPs clearly have read the Directive and – in a refreshing contrast to the inadequate Government stance – they appear to be, at the very least, open-minded that the reasons behind the extreme weather conditions we’re experiencing, along with all the other evidence presented in the Directive, may well be linked to all these unidentified jets flying back and forth leaving persistent trails that spread and merge into a blanket of artificial ‘cloud’ cover. And that is because these MPs evidently care enough to read the Directive.

So we have a small number of positive responses, which is very encouraging and a great platform for us to take this forward.

Future correspondence

We’ve also noticed which messages to MPs have resulted in the most promising responses. So we have rewritten / optimised the cover letter (the one that is appended to each campaigner’s message when they send the Directive to their MP). This cover letter now pre-empts and counters the lame documentation (see here and here) that many MPs are quoting from or sending to campaigners. Essentially, we have an abundance of evidence and questions that the Government does not currently have answers for, so we’ve made sure that we’re bang on with the message that is sent to every MP with the Directive from hereon.

And that leaves us with just under 500 MPs who will be unable to use the government documentation in some futile attempt to shield themselves from the true facts of what’s really going on.

And we will shortly be emailing our 1,000+ petition signers, asking them to send the Directive to their MP – so we are expecting to make a big impact with that also.

Fellow campaigner, your role in this is essential

As you will see from the status page, it appears many MPs have not yet responded to being sent the Directive. If that includes your MP, please send them the Directive again via the Directive page. And, as ever, please keep us informed of all subsequent communication with your MP so we can keep the status page up-to-date.

If you don’t get a satisfactory response from your MP, please endeavour to visit their MP surgery and/or telephone them until you do get a satisfactory response. (You can find your MP’s phone number via this page or by calling the House of Commons switchboard on 020 7219 3000 and asking them for it.)

Our Directive campaign is running alongside Look-up‘s online e-petition. Please sign that if you haven’t already done so.


Your campaigning here may prove to be one of the most important things you ever do.

Whilst some of us campaigners have got lucky – just filled out a form and got a positive response – for the rest of us to get to that stage, it’s going to take a bit more work, a bit more persistence.

And please do persist – we have all the facts, all the evidence and all the unanswered questions 100% on our side.

The fight to reclaim our healthy skies is a Quest. We’ve already helped one quarter of MPs pass the stage of Ignorance and now each one of us needs to keep chipping away as we succeed in cracking and inevitably dismantling the wall of Denial that is all that lies between us getting our blue skies and clean air back.

Those cracks are already permeating mainstream media…

…the wall of Denial is coming down.

2 Responses to “Directive Update #1”

  1. Roy27th February 2014 at 1:09 am #

    Very much like the re structuring of the directive, your showing of the standard moronic garbage that is used as the usual attempt at placating concerns, has to be seen to be believed ! I particularly like the statement ” Should the need ever arise to deploy geo-engineering techniques in the future”!!!! and how about “Based on the evidence currently available, it is premature to consider geo-engineering as a viable option” !!!! Shifty Dishonest Morons !

  2. Roy27th February 2014 at 1:21 am #

    I’m starting to realize, that one of the greatest problems for the campaigner, is the sheer amount of gobledegook in all of these endless papers that “they” are only too familiar with. Of all the tiresome abbreviations and utter bullshit ! that has to be circumnavigated . It’s enough to make you puke !!!!

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