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Climate summitThank You!

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you goes out on behalf of the The Paris Whistleblower Activist “DreamTeam” who were so generously and successfully funded by the anti-chemtrail / climate engineering awareness community that enabled us to attend the Our Common Future Under Climate Change conference in Paris this July.

dream team cover
Thank You, we made it to Paris!

Final roundup panel  discussion. With Patrick Roddie: behind the camera.

The event was the precursor to the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP21) which will be held in the same location in December this year. The UN’s ultimate goal is for the signing of a legally  binding Universal Climate Agreement. It has however been shown to be based on  climate science deceit and fraud.  Unless equal amounts of  alternative energy is sourced, the emission reductions will shut the west down with  binding laws, with 500 in effect. (Not in the US)

However it will make virtually no difference in CO2 emissions because China is responsible for twice the emissions of the United States and will  make 3-4 times the emissions by 2030 . This shows that the West is no longer the problem, therefore, no longer part of the solution. China is key to the new world order, and is already responsible for more than half the coal being burned throughout the world today.

us-china agreement

China to reduce CO2 by peaking emissions by 2030? Classic doublespeak!



U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change, called upon the two sides to work constructively together for the common (communist) good.

The China-US joint announcement exempts China  from emissions cuts- meanwhile, other signatories will be legally bound to unfair targets.


During the four-day conference we noticed a sense of urgency because of the slow rate of progress and unwilling signatories that may put a spanner in the works. Even Obama is set to sign without Congress, and if he does it will be by stealth.

By using the contrived, yet unifying  cover of environmental concern, these laws, drafted by the United Nations – an unelected governing political system – would hold total control over the world by monitoring all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. It is in progress right now, and is, what Agenda 21 activist Rosa Koire says is “Behind the Green Mask.”

Obama has committed the US to an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels by 2050, which means cutting emissions to levels of the 1880’s says Rosa Korie.

1880 bikes

Horses emit gasses so get on your bikes in 2050, unless by some miracle Tesla technology will have been finally released to give free energy to all!

Michael J Murphy, director/Producer of “WHAT and WHY in the World are They Spraying?” documented our efforts and gave daily updates from the Climate Meeting in Paris at the UNESCO building that were uploaded as the days went on to keep people abreast of ongoing developments.

Our Achievements

Our team in Paris was made up of Patrick Roddie, Michael J MurphyAlexandra May-HunterTerry Lawton, Max Bliss, and myself, Olga Raffa.

We were influential in raising awareness about the deceptive origins of global warming, the legal and health implications of  climate engineering, and the history and use of  weather modification. Chemtrails Project UK  wrote a new paper for the event explaining the the lesser known and unreported causes of climate change. By exposing the fraud of the IPCC climate change assertions, we contributed to a growing public awareness about intentional aerial aerosol spraying that is responsible for   altering  the world’s atmosphere on a daily basis.

lexies poster

Alexandra May Hunter’s Poster “Geoengineering: Existing State Specific Laws and the impacts upon human health, the Eco-system & Economics.


Environmental Legal Consultant, Alexandra May Hunter

Alexandra Hunter was well-received by many conference attendees from the academic, scientific, legal, governance and medical community, biology researchers, agency personnel and government policy makers of varying levels. She said, “Although many of these people were aware of geoengineering, many were not and this was a successful opportunity to make all of these people aware of and more informed as to the dangers of this “proposed” mitigation technique. ”

Her Poster subject  topic was,Geoengineering: Existing State Specific Laws and the impacts upon human health, the Eco-system & Economics. An overview and analysis of currently in effect state statutes on air pollution and how any proposed geoengineering and/or climate intervention plans or programs would impact current laws, human health, the Eco-system and state economies.”

maxs poster

Max Bliss’s poster presentation: “Exploring the concerns of emerging climate skeptic groups within civil society”

In Max Bliss’s poster  presentation: “Exploring the concerns of emerging climate skeptic groups within civil society” he “cracked the climate change nut, revealing the kernel of Truth: By quoting the Club of Rome he provided people with revelations about the origins of sustainable development and bearing in mind technology to alter weather and climate that has been used for many decades, he showed how some humans are responsible for climate change to usher in Agenda 21.”

Mr Max Bliss reported  his insights  from the inside of the UNESCO Building on day 2

In the following video, Terry and Max discuss their impact at the conference with the facts surrounding weather modification, and who is responsible for this advanced climate changing technology that the United Nations’ IPCC fails to acknowledge – thereby being complicit in a mass deception that is beyond measure.

Patricks paper

Patrick Roddie’s paper “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions”

Patrick and Max

Max Bliss and Patrick Roddie. Activists from around the globe in communication for many years finally meet up in Paris.

Patrick Roddie  wrote a paper “Human Health Impacts of Proposed Geoengineering Solutions” and got it into the hands of 700 of the 2,000 conference attendees where policy makers were trying to include language legalizing geoengineering into December’s IPCC declaration. His  paper documents the toxicity of the substances proposed to be sprayed on us, as well as an alarming increase in deaths from Alzheimer’s and respiratory failure since evidence of a massive geoengineering program became apparent in the 1990s.

This video, filmed by Max Bliss, shows Patrick passing his paper out in a lunch break outside the Paris UNESCO headquarters where the conference was held.

Questions from the Activists

Many sessions from the conference can be found on the official Paris conference YouTube channel  about which Alexandra Hunter said “I am pleased to find that many of the sessions we attended were recorded and our questions were not censored.”  A lot of the questions were off the cuff as we had to adapt to each subject topic. The following video clips are some examples yet many more questions were asked than we can show here. By asking questions at the end of the presentation sessions  the activists interjected their concerns over the issue of presently visible aerosol injections and climate engineering, the “Plan B,” little discussed at this conference but will be a big part of discussions in December.

In the Parallel Session titled  “Climate Change and Health,” Terry and Lexie batted some great of the first questions.  On an initial positive note, due to a question raised by Alexandra to speaker Sir Dr David King (previously the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser from 2000 to 2007), he openly criticized geoengineering and supported the UN Moratorium on such technologies, yet which unfortunately seems to be ineffectual as spraying is being witnessed and recorded nevertheless, on a daily basis.

This next clip confirms that the current ongoing geoengineering programmes and aerosol injections were not factored into the IPCC’s 5th report upon which legally binding laws have been drafted for the new legally binding agreement. Terry  explained that the fact that weather modification was not mentioned nor factored into  the IPCC makes it null and void…

Sir King, who is now the UK’s Special Representative for Climate Change said that Terry’s question (1 hour 9 mins 18 secs)  was “a very good one.”  In our opinion the distinction that Terry drew attention to between man made climate change from greenhouse gasses and deliberate climate change  created via persistent chemical trails and geoengineering was not adequately addressed. However,  Alexandra Hunter  (1 hour 24 mins 36 secs) received  a definitive answer to her question,  that because there was not enough research  being done, they could not make any assessment on  the health risks and impacts of geoengineering for mitigation of global warming.

Both Olga and Lexie  spoke to Sir David after the session and gave him their full scope documentation.   “Bravo team Paris. We hit a home run–grand slam during this session,”Lexie said

On behalf of the aware and astute general public’s sentiments, Olga gave Sir King and many other key speakers and attendees The Directive to Ban Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Aerial Aerosol Spraying in the United Kingdom (which is already in the hands of 450 UK MP’s) and the Climate Change Sense paper each raising many important environmental, legal, health and human rights issues that warrant a permanent ban and independent investigation into ongoing aerosol spraying. They are  visibly changing the climate and it is blatantly being carried out without the consent or permission of the general public.

In this clip, Max talks to University of East Anglia scientist, home of the Climategate scandal (also see here).

This was a general report from Day 2.

Here is Terry and Max chatting to the scientists – Paris 2015-Day 3-Video-1

In the Large Parallel Session : “Early Warning for Thresholds and Tipping Points in the Earth System,”  Olga Raffa’s question at 1hr 23mins brought  many of the climate engineering  factors into the discussion. The climate scientists again confirmed that  they  omitted  from all of their research, the deliberate aerosol dumps  via jet plane injections, aluminium in the atmosphere now detected in bees and whales, ongoing weather modification and geoengineering programmes, EMF frequencies and the military HAARP ionospheric heaters, heating the atmosphere,  capable of  moving jet streams, (and causing earthquakes and that  are also probably responsible for mass bird deaths .)

From the same session, at the 1 hour 30 mins mark Colin Prichard from Edinburgh University had another comment and question about geoengineering. He indicated that there is an enormous global scale uncontrolled experiment in geoengineering going on at present….Colin inferred that bizarrely Tim Lenton from Exeter University prefers it to a small scale controlled one.

Tim Linton replied, “I’m certainly not preferring carrying on with that… uncontrolled… errr… uncontrolled experiment… and I’m not monolithically set against things that are being discussed under the banner of geoengineering… but I think perhaps we can all agree certainly none of us want to continue the uncontrolled experiment…”


Kieth Potts Poster “The South East Asian Aerosol Plumes”

And another question asked by Keith Potts about aerosol plumes at 1hour 37 mins confirmed that these sessions only focus on greenhouse gasses and proved that aerosols passed the tipping point in many areas of the world decades ago,  disgracing the publicly funded research scientists for omitting these pertinent factors. 

David Keith, the foremost proponent for geoengineering our climate has said in the past that increasing aerosols  by injecting billions of tonnes of  polluting sulfuric acid that he admits would kill 10,000 people a year, would mitigate global warming,  but as we all now know,  there is an unfounded need for this insane “proposed” crime.

The next clip is from the  only climate engineering session for the entire four-day climate change conference. Ken Caldeira and Alan Robock were laying out their usual genocidal plans to spray the planet with deadly substances. In this clip, Robock even claims the technology for full deployment does not exist!…Which makes one question his position of professorship at the  Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University when the truth is weather modification companies are already turning a profit!

Patrick Roddie said “The Alan Robock talk was a scant ten minutes, and he wouldn’t take my question. When I chimed in “what about the health effects” he refused to address it in the session. My BFF Ken Caldeira had an equally short talk and wouldn’t take my question either.  After the session, I asked what he thought of my paper – and he responded by turning his back on me and scurrying away. “

Alexandra announced her poster presentation in the geoengineering session headed by Alan Robuck whilst Ken Calderia announced his presentation after her. All of the the activists were present at this session but questions were extremely limited, although Alexandra did get a few seconds to announce her presentation on the legal aspects and health impacts of Geoengineering. Caldeira and Robock hung on afterwards for only 2 minutes… and were soon gone before we had chance to engage them in real conversation.


paris chems 2

Ongoing climate changing aerosols being released over us during the conference.

At the end of the conference On July 10, Patrick spoke for all of us when he reported:

“And so the climate conference comes to an end. The sessions were very controlled, repeating the mantra that we’re all going to die from global warming unless we all pay craploads of carbon taxes.”

Paris is over

Breaking down the climate change sham. Photo Credit Patrick Roddie.

He said he had an  incredibly positive response  from his paper.  “All but a handful of the 700-ish people I gave it to were both curious and eager to read it and people kept coming up to me to thank me for bringing it to them and at the conference at large. Sure, plenty of them weren’t convinced that the program had already been deployed, but all agreed it was a very bad idea to spray millions of tons of poison in our skies. They were also shocked at the mortality data – respiratory failure overtaking stroke as the third leading cause of death – and all the questions I was asked were based on science. Good thing I was a physics major.”


me and lex

Alexandra May Hunter and Olga Raffa at Pierre and Marie Curie University – Paris

There were on average 50 sessions a day and we  attended as many of these as possible to ask questions, garnering much attention to climate modification and weather warfare technology proven to be in effect today around the world.

To conclude,  from one of the last   presentations we attended L4.4 – “Multilevel Governance of Climate Change,”  political scientist David Victor talked about what to do in the post-Paris 2015 development agenda. He pushed for the involvement of the Social Sciences as “ACTORS” encouraging “CLUBS” in this new system that  he gave new names to, including, “regime complexes” that are now emerging because of the failure of the Kyoto Protocol.

@ 1 hour 43 mins, in Terry Lawton’s warning and concluding statement about the conference, he said he felt that we are embarking on a bleak road for humanity and for the future of life on this planet. He said it’s wrong to demonize, commoditize and put in legislation to reduce the life giving gas, carbon dioxide, which is now actually very low, only 400 ppm and which has been much higher in the past  causing all life to  flourish.  CO2 has never caused nor  has been responsible for extinctions nor any of the other scaremongering scenarios that we have been hearing from the IPCC. He said ” we all need to think long and hard about what the endgame  is here. Do we want to live in a world where we are being dictated to in the name of breathing a life giving gas?”

Terry quoted from world leaders pointing  to where this is possibly all heading… Mikhail Gorbachev: Former Soviet dictator who is the archetypal watermelon Marxist – green on the outside, but Red – very, very Red – on the inside said, “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” He also quoted Gordon Brown, former British prime minister: “A New World Order is required to deal with the Climate Change crisis.” He felt there is obviously a big agenda at play here and people really need to wake up and smell the coffee and understand where this world is headed, he said.


After Paris

On their return home in France, Max, with Michael J Murphy, gave the following radio show update about  the conference on the Sage Of Quay with Mike Williams.

In an open letter, activist Michael Murphy warns about draconian climate change legislation in the works. He discusses the “Upcoming Global Climate Change Agreement that ignores Geoengineering, a precursor to One World Government.

Max and Michael

Max Bliss and Michael J Murphy gave daily updates from UNESCO

Michael says:

“The time is now to demand an end to all climate meetings, agreements, mandates, as well as all other attempts to form an autocratic global government. The future of humanity and fate of the planet will be determined by the outcomes associated with their NWO agenda, especially to the extent that Agenda 21  is permitted to be implemented both locally and globally.”

Michael thanked “all the other activists who attended and who brought the crucial issue of geoengineering into the discussion with great dexterity.  Again, the importance of us all addressing this highest priority issue cannot be overstated.”


Article write up about Terry Lawton in Irish Mainstream Newpaper

Once back at home in Wexford, Ireland, Terry Lawton offered many thanks to “The People” newspaper for doing yet another great  article on his efforts to expose climate engineering. Terry said:

“They put it on the back page which is the next best thing to the front so good on them. In my original release to their office I talked about the 500 climate laws which will be a part of the treaty and also how climate intervention programs are not included in the IPCC computer model climate predictions. I really hoped they would have included these important points in the article but I respect the fact that mainstream papers are limited in what they can print. This paper has 35,000 weekly readers.”

Paris pic

Thank you to  Ria Den Breejen, who joined us from Berlin and took some fine photos of our endeavors.

At the “Our Common (communist) Future Under Climate Change” event, we witnessed the unmitigated psychopathic greed for power at work in the belly of the beast. As we  traversed  the hollow bowels of the UNESCO  buildings, we helped expose corruption and crimes against humanity where gastronomical  workings  for total control were evident.

our communist future under climte change

Olga got the T-shirt!

Through  our work here and post Paris testimonies,  we were successful in  garnering confirmation and sharing  information and warnings about the inevitable loss of property,  control of means of production, information, surveillance of course, loss of free speech and restrictive movement, inevitable with the signing of the climate agreement.  It is supposedly  for “the common good,” but it’s really just another way of controlling and taxing the people.

Only an educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks. The ruling cabal’s plan for an administrative coup d’eta… is a most brilliant takeover of the world ever – because technology makes it possible.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead 

Patrick and Max headed toWashington DC

max pic epa

Patrick Roddie, Max Bliss and Amanda Baise. Weather Warfare Warriors gave ground breaking testimonies before a panel at the EPA in Washington DC.

Soon after Paris, Max and Patrick headed to Washington DC to join Jim Lee, Amanda Baise and Michael Saraceno. They give fantastic groundbreaking testimonies live on CNN  at a hearing at the Environmental Protection Agency.  The EPA  held a public hearing for the ” advance notice of proposed rulemaking” on” Emissions from Aircraft Cause or Contribute to Air Pollution that May Reasonably Be Anticipated to Endanger Public Health and Welfare” Read our EPA report here.

What’s Next?

After founding Chemtrails Project UK in 2011, the time has come for me, Olga Raffa, to take some well-deserved time out. However, Chemtrails Project UK will continue to be run by James Hodgskiss.

In the next few days, James will be announcing an exciting new crowdfunded app-based project, for which I hope you will give him the same support that you kindly gave me.

We have had a couple of offers of help recently and others are welcome to assist, so we would love to hear from people who are committed to getting more involved in grassroots activism and awareness-raising to help the cause. If that includes you, please get in touch.

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  1. Wayne Hall22nd August 2015 at 8:57 am #

    Rather than placing so much reliance on the work of writers such as Tim Ball who do not acknowledge the reality of the ongoing planetary spraying of toxic aerosols, could not traction be acquired from the approach to the climate issue outlined here by Yanis Varoufakis? “The best example of (…) neoliberal crassness is, of course, the debate on how to deal with climate change. Neoliberals have rushed in to argue that, if anything is to be done, it must take the form of creating a quasi-market for “bads” (eg an emissions trading scheme), since only markets “know” how to price goods and bads appropriately.” Admittedly, Varoufakis has not involved himself with the cause of anti-geoengineering activists either, but unlike the situation with Tim Ball, as far as I know nobody has tried to involve him.

  2. moira morrison22nd August 2015 at 11:36 am #

    fed up of weather control, get it banned.

  3. Gari Jones24th August 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    I think Obama and Cameron along with the rest of the useless not world leaders could cut carbon emissions by 80% if they just kept their frigging mouths shut. For all the s**t they talk along with those puppet master(fools) of there’s, wow that would stop global right away.

    First of all well done to everyone for exposing and bringing to light the serious problems with chemtrails and geo-engineering. I intend to watch every one of these videos and read the articles, sounds like a great deal of information was given.

    As for the EPA it just sounds like most of your good work fell on death ears. EPA should really anagram into Egotistical Pretentious Arseholes (EPA). The problem I find with all this is that they don’t seem to have any other viable alternative for cutting emissions or stopping the climate control programs.

    These people can pass all the motions and objectives that they want, it won’t be achived and they will always lobby for what they want. Never mind about anyone else, as long as profits continue to come in and control over everything they set their eyes on…. what else matters.

    Either environmental groups start lobbying for control of the environmental protocols, so they themselves can be the policy makers. Then environmental issues will get some serious action taken upon them

    Money is really the motivator and the way I see it we have to do away with money, otherwise we won’t change anything. It would be great to see in future many other groups to start looking into the ideas, AND I MEAN LOOK INTO THE IDEAS of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.

    Or even the ideas of Buckminster Fuller on creating Abundance and not Scarcity

    Or Peter Joseph in Zeitgeist Addendum and Moving Forward.

    Combining the efforts of Chemtrails Project UK and the activist groups and telling people that there are better ways of doing things, that is the way it will stop chemtrails, pollution and wars in the future. Its just my thoughts but something to consider.

    Well done everyone again though for all your hard work.

  4. Doreen Agostino2nd January 2016 at 10:26 pm #

    Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

    Warmest December in memory was deliberately manufactured
    to coincide with the historic U.N. Climate Conference in Paris

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