Urgent Funding Required for Paris Climate Change Conference

Dear friends and fellow campaigners,

Here at Chemtrails Project UK, we have worked hard since 2012 to put a stop to chemtrails and geoengineering. With virtually no funding, yet with your help, we have succeeded in spreading awareness of chemtrails and geoengineering to both the general public and to over 70% of MPs in the UK. Thank you for signing our petition and adding your voice to our Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering.

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We are writing because it is now crucial that Olga Raffa , founder of Chemtrails Project UK ,  represents civil society at the International Scientific Conference on Climate Change in Paris, July 2015. This is our final chance to raise awareness amongst the scientific community and attendees before the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in December 2015, where universal climate agreements will be signed.

As a member of the focused activist group ready to do this, Olga Raffa needs help with funds to attend the conference to work on behalf of citizens concerns and objections made. We have already created a gofundme campaign but, with time running out, we are only half way there.  Time is getting close and we need  to raise the final £750 for entrance fees, travel and accommodation.

Ongoing geo-engineering has disrupted the climate, threatening people with unwanted repercussions. Inducing Climate Change fear calls people to beg for action to alleviate the crisis. The fraudulent solution of geoengineering “research” is beneficial only for those creating the problem.

Armed with scientific facts and laws that are already in place to protect our atmosphere, we must ensure the correct issues and questions are raised from our perspective within the sessions that we will attend. We aim to alert the attendees as to why so called mitigating proposals for climate change are damaging, invalid and are the most deadly of solutions, essentially “like free riding on our grandkids.” David Keith.

We don’t often put out requests for donations, but this is a big one. So please help us, we are not asking much, however large or small a contribution,  it all helps.

Funding will help us to perform the essential action of influencing the scientific community to help secure a geoengineering-free future. Time is of the essence, bookings must be made!

Please go to our gofundme campaign to make a donation.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Olga Raffa
Chemtrails Project UK

Make a donation here.

PS. In the event our target is reached, excess donations will go to fund the rest of our team to make it there.  Alexandra May Hunter Environmental law specialist from Arizona, USA,  will be presenting there, Michael J Murphy of “Why in the World are they spraying” and last but by no means least, two dedicated activists Terry Lawton from Ireland and Patrick Roddie from San Francisco need funding at this time… plane ticket prices are rising! Documentation to show our efforts and achievements there will be recorded.

PPS. Congratulations to Max Bliss who is now fully funded and is giving a presentation also.YAY!, Thank you!

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