CPUK will be presenting at AV6

av6 pic AV6 – The People Got The Power

Clouds of Deception- Weather Modification and the public push back on Geoengineering.

Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry Road, Staverton, Daventry, Northants, NN11 6JT

Friday (evening) 15th May to Monday (morning) 17th May 2015

A Residential weekend with some of the most ACTIVE campaigners in the global quest to restore sanity and re-establish planetary Sovereignty for all HUMANITY.

AV events provide a unique opportunity for delegates to interact informally with all speakers throughout the weekend. This is a great opportunity to meet and chat with people who really know what’s going on.

Treat yourself to a fantastic informative mini-break and enjoy time with like-minded individuals.

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Olga Raffa will  connect the  technologies associated with atmospheric  manipulation and weather warfare, showing the history of it’s use up to  the current science of geoengineering. Climate Engineers admit that Solar Radiation Management  will sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives, yet  the technique describes what we know and see today as chemtrails.

 Ignoring  health and Human Rights violations, geo-engineers promote field experiments with total disregard for prospective implications. Olga will explore the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ and Trans-humanist objectives of the global elites.  With The ‘Directive to Ban Geoengineering‘, Olga will explain the initiatives that are underway to help people lobby their  MP’s to force a Government investigation in the quest to reclaim our long forgotten clear blue skies.
In  2011 when questioning the disappearance of our vibrant bright blue skies,  Olga  began  to investigate the unmitigated assault of  jet trail emissions that  scar the global skyscape of today. With her research she  began  campaigning with the  ‘Directive to Ban Geoengineering’  to break through the denial that an overt  operation is in effect, presenting six demands to Parliament in the endeavour to address the aviation pollution we see today.
Through Chemtrails Project UK Olga delivered a petition to Downing St and established a public record  of correspondence between concerned citizens and over 450 MP’s (to date) showing irrefutable evidence and negligence with regard to this issue. She continues to lobby MP’s to take this to debate before parliament to protect our health and environment for future generations to come.With your help, Olga is  heading to the Conference, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” in Paris, France July 7-10, 2015.  “The Conference will address key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. It will offer an opportunity to discuss solutions for both mitigation and adaptation issues.”
This conference is a runner-up to what will be an historic UN 2015 Climate Agreement in Paris in December. She will be in attendance with Alexandra May Hunter an environmental law specialist from Arizona US ,  Max Bliss from France and other key activists opposing these proposals in plain sight.
Only 15 rooms still available!

AV6 Schedule

Friday 15th May

8.00pm : Banquet Dinner –

Saturday 16th May

9.00am : Introduction

9.15am : Brian Gerrish

10.30am : Break

11.00am : Pippa King

12.15pm : Lunch

1.30pm : David Noakes

2.45pm : Break

3.15pm : Samantha Bachman

4.30pm : Break

5.00pm : Patrick Henningsen

6.15pm : Dinner

7.45pm : Zen Gardner

9.15pm : Ian R Crane – Summary of the Day

9.30pm End of Session

Sunday 17th May

9.00am : Introduction

9.15am : Simon Welsh

10.30am : Break

11.00am : Olga Raffa

12.15pm : Lunch

1.30pm : Dr Graham Downing

2.45pm : Break

3.15pm : Thomas Sheridan

4.30pm : Break

5.00pm : Max Igan
See you there!

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