Anti-Geoengineering Protest – 12pm, Saturday 14th March 2015 @ Cambridge (UK) Train Station

Dr David Keith, Cambridge 2015

“It’s not really a moral hazard. It’s more like freeriding on our grandkids.”

This weekend’s SRM conference in Cambridge is the antithesis of exploring solutions for a  sun-driven  climate, whilst ignoring the obvious aerosol spraying and frequency weather warfare that is destroying and manipulating our atmosphere and planet today.

The important 2-day event comprises a series of keynote presentations throughout Friday and Saturday daytime.

We will be marching from Cambridge train station from 12 noon on Saturday. Please join us if you can. (More details below.)

On the evening of Friday 13th there will be a debate in the Lady Mitchell Hall as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. (Chair: Oliver Morton. Panellists: Martin Rees, Amartya Sen, Onora O’Neill and David Keith).

It fails to divulge the obvious  technological discoveries  that have been usurped by  Governments black budgets  for harm rather than to solve our energy / pollution problems that would make Plan B, “Solar Radiation Management”, obsolete. And if they increase what experimentation they are already doing, to full scale deployment at the cost of £6 Billion (cheap at the price they say),  goodbye blue sky.

In their presentations, the all-star line up of international climate engineers will discuss a  variety of climate engineering techniques from an existing list of 825 scientific publications on climate engineering up to the end of 2013, including 193 on solar radiation management; for the patent dataset,  28 were related to SRM technologies – linked to 910 family members.

seeded cloudsThese now old  patents and technologies seem to be already covertly deployed daily to create the problem it poses to mitigate, coined climate change. David Keith will introduce his business of creating  a “carbon burial industry five times as big as today’s oil industry.”

We can only imagine how the carbon capture industry  could furnish  numerous underground cities with vital life-giving carbon dioxide that farmers  regularly pay to produce  and blast into greenhouses to promote the growth of high yielding crops. CO2 is a plant NUTRIENT .

the great cullingFurther  Solar Radiation Management pollution in  our air  denying us  sunlight and draining vital CO2 from the atmosphere sounds more like a sizeable contribution to The Great Culling we already see assaulting us from giant  Nuclear, Chemical, Pharma and Agra industries that drive the false bankers economy of today.

Geoengineering’s love child  Ken Caldera will  divulge the  “fast response” to an imposed climate forcing and results on “land plants.”  Thanks, Ken. We see it as killing trees and fauna, but go ahead knock us out – who needs the sun anyway? J Sanchez talks about the possibility of shading the Earth from outer space. Brilliant. Keep spending our money while millions perish on the deep blue pearl planet of a paradise lost. Watch “Shade – The Motion Picture” here.


Find out what David Keith means by  “solid artificial aerosols” to decipher  what  the real agenda is in his talk. “An environmental case for solar geoengineering” starting 9:30 am Sat 14th of March. Is it to gain the  public’s embrace and acceptance of SRM? Duncan Mclaren “promises power to change not only the world, but also our very conceptions of what it is to be human?” Would that be terraforming earth and and trans humanizing the human being? Yes it would.



smart dust

Let’s cut to the chase, be assured, engineered “SMART DUST’ DEVICES”, rather than passive aerosols or reflectors are the endgame. Such speculative schemes could ” in principle enable the optical properties of the scattering devices to be ACTIVELY CONTROLLED, thus enabling closed-loop control of solar radiation management, either for stratospheric DEPOSITION or future SPACE BASED SCHEMES”! Are you ready to  fully integrate these particles into your biology? You are now part robot and re-engineered humanoid, controlled by those manning the toggle button. Get it?

L. Rkiouak will talk about  how the influence of the particle’s surface acidity on ozone decomposition was  studied and that, Silicon carbide, titania P25, alumina and diamond deactivated with respect to ozone decomposition after varying time scales” What a surprise!

For those climate engineers needing  to  escape the geoengineering catch 22, R. Chris says “SRM research and governance (will) be driven more by risk management than by uncertainty reduction, allowing policy to become experiment and experiment to become policy.  He will consider the repercussions of such a reframing on the presentation of climate change across the interfaces between the academy, policymakers, media,  civil society and the public. Yes, they certainly will  have to choose their words carefully when it comes to re-engineering our world and it’s inhabitants incomprehensibly. How ingenious and what delights await us.

a team


Thank goodness for our strong  opposing team.  Harry, Terry , Josephina and hopefully a few others  will be there to  present pertinent questions to geoengineers and policy makers at the SRM Science 2015 event,  and that “proof of ongoing geoengineering programs will be provided and relevant Civil Society initiatives at the European Parliament will be outlined.”

If these scientists  know the “known unknowns”, why don’t they speak out louder and support those fighting to ban the damage  already done? Well money obviously, but if they don’t stop it as demanded in the DIRECTIVE who will?cassandra








Assemble @ Cambridge Railway Station on Saturday 14th of March. from 12 Noon. Marching through city to the Department of Engineering Solar Radiation Management Science Conference, Cambridge, UK

If you do NOT CONSENT  gather to let the climate scientists know it’s time to BAN CLIMATE ENGINEERING / CLIMATE INTERVENTION. Event page: .

If you can’t make it, click here for the live stream.


(All times are GMT – please visit to convert to your local time)

Friday 13 March

9.00 Welcome & Introduction

9.30 Keynote Lecture: Ken Caldeira

10.00 Keynote Lecture: Phil Rasch

11.00 Technical Session 1: Climate Modelling. Chair: Lesley Gray

Jim Haywood ‘Results from GEOMIP and SRM simulations with the Hadley Centre Model’

Scott Osprey ‘The long-standing dynamical impacts of climate engineering using stratospheric sulphate aerosol’

Andy Jarvis ‘Deeply ignorant rationality: A solar radiation management case study’

Stephen Salter ‘Can we get a win-win result for the side effects of marine cloud brightening by use of coded modulation of condensation nucleus concentration?’

12.30 Lunch & Lunchtime Perspectives. Chair: Olaf Corry

Ian Simpson ‘Evidence and theory of current climate engineering programs’

Josefina Fraile-Martin ‘Civil Society and Geoengineering’

14.00 Keynote Lecture: David MacKay

14.30 Keynote Lecture: Lynn Russell

15.30 Technical Session 2: Impacts, Implications & Consequences. Chair: Nem Vaughan

Piers Forster ‘Potentially damaging precipitation side effects from solar radiation management’

Ben Kravitz ‘SRM Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle’

Andy Wiltshire ‘Future Ecosystem Services, Climate Mitigation and Geo-Engineering’

Sebastian Eastham ‘Sensitivities of Human Health to Aerosol Climate Engineering’

Friday 13th Panel Debate

19.00 – 21.00 Panel discussion, Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Site. Chair: Oliver Morton. Panellists: Martin Rees, Amartya Sen, Onora O’Neill, David Keith.

Saturday 14 March (Engineering Department, Trumpington Street Cambridge, CB2 1PZ)

9.30 Keynote Lecture: David Keith

10.00 Keynote Lecture: Duncan McLaren

11.00 Session 3: Engineering Systems. Chair: Hugh Hunt

Hugh Hunt ‘Delivering particles to the stratosphere – SPICE WP2’
Chris Burgoyne ‘Some engineering aspects of a Geoengineering balloon and tether’
Julian Evans ‘The quest for ingenerate resources to promote longevity of the ocean mirror’
John Latham ‘Marine Cloud Brightening’

12.30 Lunch & Lunchtime Perspectives. Chair: Duncan McLaren

Holly Buck ‘Contested infrastructure: insights from large-scale development projects’
Bronislaw Szerszynski ‘A bibliometric study of solar radiation management science: publications and patents’

14.00 Keynote Lecture: Tom Ackerman

14.30 Keynote Lecture: Matthew Watson

15.30 Session 4: Atmospheric Effects. Chair: Matthew Watson

Francis Pope ‘Atmospheric chemistry of mineral particles in the stratosphere: implications for ozone chemistry and stratospheric particle injection’
Graham Mann ‘Quantifying the radiative forcing from the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption’

Peter Davidson ‘The impact, implications and consequences of the use of manufactured particles to improve the feasibility and reduce risk for a Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Insurance’

Peter Irvine ‘Detection, Attribution and Climate Control – the Limits to Solar Radiation Management’

17.00 End

More information is available at the official SRMS Cambridge website.

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    Red Balloon Protest, Saturday March 28, 2015,

    If you see what they are doing to our skies, our tress, and our children and have had enough, release as many red balloons as possible in protest on Saturday March 28, 2015. For those who believe that balloons are an environmental hazard but still wish to participate, use eco-friendly balloons, fly kites, shoot flair guns, rent a hot air balloon with a banner, or rent an aircraft, be creative but act and help take back our sky and our planet from the scum who are killing our trees and manipulating our weather. We need to shout our distain as many of us feel alone and helpless to do anything to stop what is happening. But, if for one day we can look up in the sky and see waves of protests then we will know we are not alone in our towns, cities, communities, neighborhoods and then we can start a dialogue with our neighbors and build momentum. If you care than participate. If you’re angry, then get your family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, . . . everyone you know to participate. Fight Back!!!! This March 28, We The People Take Back Our Sky.

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