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Contrails-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Help  fund the new Contrails? mobile app development.

Please donate today and you can WIN in our  GREAT Orgone Generator GIVEAWAY!

*UK ONLY because of  shipping restrictions yet if you can, please help contribute to  this project. TY!

People around the world will be able to download  the “Contrails?” Mobile App for free!

By using the  official ‘live’ atmospheric data from official weather balloons, this app will produce and accumulate results to provide certainty  to any person who needs convincing that the persistent trails we now experience on a near-daily basis cannot be “ordinary condensation trails.” See more details here.

This app will strip politicians, weathermen, educators, your friends and anyone else of the plausible deniability that they are currently hiding behind.

James has donated  many weeks of full-time work and has  completed the first stage for android. He can go no further without funds….he now needs your help to finish  development to launch the app  ASAP which will enable people from all parts of the world to:

  • Use official data to prove persistent chemtrails are occurring in conditions where ordinary contrails cannot persist

  • Document instances of trails persisting in certain conditions, which is not repeated when the same conditions re-occur

  • Demonstrate that the key factor of aircraft trails persisting is not atmospheric conditionsContrails-Samsung-Galaxy-S6_Front_Gold_Platinum

  • Demonstrate that the correlation between an aircraft not having an active transponder and the probability of it leaving a persistent trail is a major factor

  • Conveniently compile reports based on official data that will go on public record to expose the official narrative and official cover-up

  • To conveniently share their reports with politicians, meteorologists, environmental groups, doctors, friends, etc.


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When you make a contribution you will be automatically enrolled into a draw that will give away  3  devices  that can combat geoengineering and restore our atmosphere.

Read about orgone energy and how it works at   They have created orgone generating chem-cannons for home deployment, 3 of which have been donated to us to us to help fund our app. Winners will be announced on the 14th of November. Please donate with our ultimate goal in restore our atmosphere and expose and eliminate chemtrails from our skies.

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We’re proud to announce that James has created the first (and only) Shop GMO-Free app  in the UK which is now launched, to help you avoid food which contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) while shopping in UK shops and supermarkets.


Please help James develop the “Contrails?””Mobile App to help bring back our deep blue skies.


Make a  donation to enter THE GREAT Orgone Generator GIVEAWAY!


We have 1 “Mighty Midget” Chem-cannon to give to a winner.

and you will be helping fund the new Contrails? mobile app today.

Winners will be announced when our goal is reached or the funding date expires on Nov 14th 2015.  Good Luck!



Understand the benefits of orgone and it’s importance by watching

Georg Ritschl : Orgone energy – A breakthrough that already happened: 






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