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Please Help Us Reach Our Funding Goal

We need to raise funds for the development of a unique mobile phone application that will stride the movement towards exposing the global contrail deception whilst empowering activists at all levels.

This app will strip politicians, weathermen, your friends and anyone else of the plausible deniability that they are currently hiding behind.

From our own initial research and meta-analysis of official weather balloon data, we have discovered that the atmospheric conditions required for contrails to form and persist occur less than 2.5% of the time  here in the UK. Yet we witness persistent aircraft trails nearly every day…

By using the same official ‘live’ atmospheric data from official weather balloons, this app will produce and accumulate results to provide certainty  to any person who needs convincing that the persistent trails we now experience on a near-daily basis cannot be “ordinary condensation trails.”

With your kind donation, this system can be developed then used by thousands of people across the World, generating volumes of results that will be put on public record to provide officially-sourced proof that the phenomenon we are all experiencing is something other than condensation trails.

The results will stand up in a court of law and can be used by any person for appropriate action to be facilitated.

This app can only happen with support from concerned and independently educated citizens like you, so please give what you can to help us raise £5,000 which will cover all components of the system. (For comparison, typical professional development estimates are shown in brackets.)

  • Android app design & development – £2,000 (£5,000 to £25,000)
  • iPhone app development – £2,000 (£5,000 to £25,000)
  • Web service development – £500 (£1,000 to £2,000)
  • Web site design & development – £500 (£2,500 to £4,000)

We are willing (and eager) to create this system at a fraction of the normal cost. We just need your donations to help us get the system built and into the public domain.


About James

JamesThe money raised by this funding campaign will enable me to commit full-time to developing the Android app, web service and web site, while we outsource the iPhone app development.

I am a software developer with over 11 years experience. I have incredible attention to detail and my work is to a very high standard. For a good example of my work, please check out my Shop GMO-Free in the UK Android app which has taken hundreds of hours of development and refining over the past 12 months.

I got into the chemtrails awareness movement in the autumn of 2012, following my own firsthand experience with a low-flying, spraying tanker. I felt I had no option but to learn, accept and spread the truth about chemtrails, teaming up with Olga Raffa to become the other half of Chemtrails Project UK (CPUK).

I dedicated myself to co-writing the Directive to Ban Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering and Aerial Aerosol Spraying in the United Kingdom and redeveloping the CPUK website. As a result, I have already helped thousands of other concerned UK citizens to present the evidence of these illegal activities to their local MPs.

Given our extremely limited resources, Olga and I have done quite a lot at CPUK and we are proud of that. Much of our work, however, has been met with plausible deniability by politicians. So, with the December 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference looming, we urgently need to pull the rug from the geoengineers’, politicians’ and decision-makers’ feet before they attempt to initialise the legalisation of geoengineering.

This app will be used to corner them with hard, official data that proves what is coming out of the back of these planes cannot be condensation trails, that our climate is already being engineered and that the IPCC climate models are, therefore, severely (and fraudulently) flawed.

With the Directive, we’ve given them reams of evidence. Now, with your help to create this app, we’re going to corner them with the proof that they must embrace and take action upon.

Similarly, this app will also be a great way to wake up friends from their denial and, hopefully, get more people into the movement.

About the Contrails? App

Using official weather balloon data, I have already established that, here in the UK, the atmospheric conditions required for aircraft condensation trails to form and persist occur less than 2.5% of the time. Yet we see persistent trails on a near-daily basis… This research, along with my background in software development, was the foundation and inspiration for this app.

The app will not rely on any theories or claims. It will simply take official data and output results that will destroy the lies that are being officially fed to concerned citizens all around the World. The app will provide proof, using official data, that the persistent aircraft trails we are routinely seeing in our skies cannot be made of ice crystals / water vapour. The app will then help everyone see and demand the real answer of what is really going on up there.

Here’s a typical example of how the app will work:

  1. User is out and spots a persistent trail in the sky that doesn’t look like an ‘ordinary’ condensation trail.
  2. The user takes out their phone and opens the “Contrails?” app to take a photo.
  3. The photo, along with the date, time and user’s location is sent to the server where it is stored.
  4. The server then waits for the nearest official weather balloon data to be published. (This is likely to be within 6 hours of the photograph being taken.)
  5. Once the server has obtained the weather balloon data, it calculates the probability of the photographed trail possibly being an ordinary condensation trail. The factors used in the calculation are: relative humidity and temperature reported by nearest official weather balloon(s), the distance the user was from the weather balloon(s), the time difference between when the photo was taken and when the weather balloon(s) data was captured.
  6. As soon as the server has performed the calculation, it will send a notification to the user’s phone which they can click to re-open the app the and view the result – specifically, a statistic that reveals the probability of the trail being an ordinary condensation trail (typically, this is likely to be a fraction of a percent) along with supporting data.
  7. All results (made anonymous) will be published on a website for public record.
  8. The results may also include a screen capture from and/or to help identify the airline (or indicate it was not a commercial flight).
  9. The user can then send the results to their MP, friends, family, local newspaper, local weatherman and share on social media.
  10. These results will be repeated thousands of times across the World, accumulating a mass of results that provide certainty that what we are experiencing are not condensation trails, and empowering people from all walks of life to take action to bring back our healthy, blue skies.

All results will be collated to provide overarching proof – based on official data – that demonstrates what we are all experiencing cannot be ordinary condensation trails.

The results web page will also present a meta analysis of the results – that is, a single overall statistic that proves the impossibility of the phenomenon being “ordinary condensation trails.”

This app will not rely on conspiracy fact, conspiracy theory or any other type of theory. It will not mention the word chemtrails  – as doing so would be to gift politicians an easy way out of embracing what must be the most critical issue in modern history.

The app will be entirely free for everyone to use, with no ads, can be used in most countries worldwide (the most notable exception being African countries where there is a sparsity of official weather balloons) and will prove to be an essential weapon that we can equip ourselves with to bring an end to the destruction they are inflicting upon us via our skies.

If you have any other suggestions for the app, regarding features or deployment, please leave a comment.

It is essential to get the app churning out results in time for the team to put before the decision-makers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December, so we really need your financial help to make this happen quickly.

Please donate today.

The Possibilities…

May this app also help to engage and unite so many people from so many walks of life, prompt them to see the bigger picture, to reject the existing power structure and maybe even help bring in a new World order that is the very opposite of the one they have been working so hard to force upon us via their continual lies and deception.

Even if you can only afford a fiver, it will be gratefully received – and I will try my best to make sure it is the best five pounds you’ve ever invested!

Thank you in advance,
James Hodgskiss
Chemtrails Project UK

PS – When donating, please indicate if you would not like your name to appear within the Credits section within the app.


One Response to “New “Contrails?” Mobile App”

  1. Cris Guggenheimer9th September 2016 at 8:03 pm #

    I live on the north shore of Long Island and i have noticed lately that most of the spraying has stopped. i have been using my Iphone to capture videos of the sky almost on a daily basis. However a few years ago the sky was full of these chemtrails. As many might know some of the most wealthy people live on long island so i would suspect that they have succeeded in getting most of the spraying stopped. You do see days when you will see no more than 3 chemtrail clouds in one day and even these clouds are small in comparison to what i have seen before. Also a bunch of “scientists ” were recently on the news claiming that they debunked the chemtrails idea and insisted they were in fact contrails or as some of us older folks used to call them vapor trails. The science behind vapor trails requires an aircraft to be flying at a very high altitude. An aircraft flying at a high altitude which used to be observable years ago when the sky was a lot more clear, would look like a tiny barely visible aircraft which would take about 30 minutes to cross the sky and yes there was a tiny little trail behind which would disappear about a mile behind it.
    However i have seen airplanes spraying chemtrails at a relatively low altitude.
    You can tell because the aircraft is larger in view and traveling faster from the point of view of a human observing from the earth. And i have seen them turn it off instantly. It is appauling that scientists are being used to lie to us. Evidently they think we are stupid and gullible. Keep up the good work guys.

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