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Hello, I’m James and this is my brief introduction about how I got into the chemtrails & geoengineering awareness movement…

The first few times I heard about “chemtrails”, I was naturally sceptical.

However, I started looking up in 2012 and by the Autumn of that year, I had my first direct experience of the phenomenon.

I was out walking the dog and I saw this long persistent trail in the sky. There were a few of them in the sky but this particular one grabbed my attention as it appeared to have a large plume midway along it – as if there was an engine malfunction or something (especially as the trail entered the plume on one side and exited on the other – almost as if the pilot had had to switch engines).

This plane was coming in my direction, so I watched it with intrigue. As it got nearer, I realised how low it was and could see it was not a commercial plane as it had a huge fuselage and the wings were not ordinary either.

The next thing that struck me, and left me with absolutely no doubt whatsoever, was the sound. The sound was not the typical thrusting or cruising sound of a jet engine, but it was an extremely forceful. multiple hissing sound. It was multiple, high pressure spraying that sounded nothing like a jet engine. It was so powerful and totally unmistakeable.

It’s also worth me mentioning the altitude of this plane. I live on the flight path to Manchester Airport (incidentally, this plane was flying perpendicular to that path) so am used to planes flying over at various altitudes. This particular plane was round about 10,000 feet high. Too low to leave a persistent trail, I was to learn.

Indeed that incident led to me researching chemtrails and geoengineering, and soon I joined CPUK and helped redevelop the website, rewrite the Directive, along with a few other stuff.

I don’t know of anyone that’s had that same experience as me, but I feel a responsibility now to bring this issue to the public’s attention.

I am not asking anyone to believe my above account. What I am asking, though, is for you to read the Directive and to look up with an open mind.

If you share our concern, please send the Directive to your MP and demand answers.

But please don’t stop there. Please do what you can to make a difference. Chemtrails and geoengineering are now becoming mainstream but there appears to be very, very few of us putting in any real effort to make a difference.

As you will see in the Directive, plans for chemtrails and geoengineering are officially documented. And the evidence is overwhelming that they have started already.

The evidence is also overwhelming that they are destroying our planet.

Please do what you can to expose and bring these practices to an end.

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