India Phenomenon Forcing People to Re-evaluate Covid Crisis

India drop dead hoax

One doctor told Sky News: ‘If the situation is not brought under control soon, it will get so bad that people will die on footpaths for lack of oxygen.’

Daily Mail, 20th April 2021


Just tuck your arm in a bit, Love…

Crisis Actor, India

VIDEO: India’s new “double mutant” variant of the chinavirus. People just dropping dead, no help.

If India is putting fake videos out like this, then they could be putting fake stats out, then the UK could be putting fake stats out, then the whole basis for the controlled demolition of our country could also be fake.

That means the whole basis for you needing to be stuck with a potentially never-ending sequence of gene-based experimental “vaccines” could also be fake.

Videos like this can really make people start to think about what’s going on. Be the change you want to see. Be that pain in the arse!

Keep plugging away, sharing this information to save lives. Awareness is certainly growing. How many thousands demonstrating in London yesterday?! What must Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Bill Gates and the rest of them be thinking? The thought of 50,000+ Brits hunting you down cannot be a reassuring one… Their state of collective panic may help explain the woeful quality of fabricated evidence they are churning out of India. What happened to quality control? (We’ve seen CCTV stills from Luton train station that look more convincing than this!)

Hopefully, even more of us will be making the trip down to London again on Saturday, 15th May, as awareness of the criminality grows and pressure continues to mount.

We will bring down Bill Gates. His coronavirus and climate change deceptions could well come down with him. After all, it’s hard to imagine such an inhumane individual giving a crap about anything or anyone else beneath him.

Please share this link to the above video: . (Maybe ask the recipients to to just give it just 12 seconds of their time.)

In case it the video goes missing from Bitchute, here’s our direct download link. (Just right-click that link and “Save as…”)

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