Geoengineering Watch’s Dane Wigington Impresses at Public Hearing

Possibly the most compelling case yet that geoengineering is already being performed in our skies without public consent was put forward at last week’s Shasta County Board of Supervisors / Air Quality Management hearing in Shasta, California.

A large number of experts, professionals and residents of Shasta County stepped up to present their evidence and voice their concerns about the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering activities being performed above their heads on a near-daily basis.

Among the speakers was Dane Wigington (from Geoengineering Watch) who delivered an impeccably composed and convincing presentation.

As can be seen from the video, above, the evidence of geoengineering  put forward by this selection of experts and residents is overwhelming, bringing a significant amount of hope to the ever-growing number of people that are aware of and concerned about the current ‘solar radiation management’ geoengineering activities.

The video is just over 3 hours long, yet the diversity of the speakers, the points they raise and their passion to end geoengineering makes the entire video particularly absorbing.

The Key Points

If you don’t have 3 hours to spare, here is a list of the key points of the video:

  • 0:00:00 – Hearing opening and introduction.
  • 0:06:34Dane Wigington (geoengineering expert): Presentation covering wide-ranging, compelling evidence about the current geoengineering activities.
  • 0:24:22 – Iraj Sivadas (college maths teacher & member of Union for Concerned Scientists) : Standing in for Rosalind Paterson, briefly addressing persistent trails and aluminium detection.
  • 0:26:28- Alan Buckman (Former US Air Force Weatherman & Wildlife Biologist): Talks about NASA needing to find names for the new, artificial cloud formations, the collapsing of the eco system and mentions Monsanto’s foresight for an aluminium-resistant GMO seed patent.
  • 0:30:18 – Francis Mangels (Retired Scientist): Talks about the unravelling of the eco system and presents evidence of contamination from rainwater tests (e.g., 61,000 ug/L in the snow on Mount Shasta – 4 times higher than in its soil levels), abnormal pH levels and the collapsing of agriculture.
  • 0:33:42 – Jeff Nelson (Former Airline Pilot and Instructor): Discusses the basic operation of the jet engine, how contrails form and how they do not persist.
  • 0:35:56 – Hamid Darabi (Neurologist) – Talks about how the official explanation for the increases he is witnessing in Alzheimers, Parkinsons and neurological diseases are not convincing. He also talks about geoengineering as science and the effect of such nanoparticles on the brain.
  • 0:39:25 – Russ Lazuka (US Air Force Veteran): Talks about Evergreen Aviation, planes with no passengers on board, no squawk (transponder) codes, and over a mile long chemtrails.
  • 0:42:28 – Dr.Frank Lavosse (Former pilot): Standing in for Fred Meyers, talks about chemtrails in Hawaii, Quebec, Maine, etc. Talks about his experience of employees at US Air Force bases who load the planes are dressed in Hazmat outfits. Talks about 25% increase in lung problems because of micronized aluminum.
  • 0:45:37 – Mark MacCandlish (Had secret clearance in US Air Force, consultant to aerospace companies, worked on classified systems): Discusses the size of nanoparticles and what it means. He also discussed how chemtrails suppress the immune system, simply by breathing the air. NASA conducted a program called metalized hybrid fuel systems.
  • 0:50:00 – Dr. Steve Davis (Shasta resident): Speaks about the EPA, contaminants, aluminium and the effects on the brain, children, ADHD and autism.
  • 0:53:45 – Other speakers: A range of short, heartfelt and impressive speeches from other residents of Shasta County.
  • 2:33:12 – Closing of speeches by the Board.
  • 2:35:19 – Rick Simon (Resource Management Director, Shasta County): Provides response to speakers, including that the Shasta County do not regulate aircraft emissions, but had written to government entities on this matter. Suggests pollution (at least, in part) may be from diesel engines. Gets heckled at end.
  • 2:46:19 – Supervisors of Shasta County question Rick Simon: Established that Shasta County had not asked for or received a response to his letters. Supervisor states that Shasta County should provide its own samples to provide to the government entities. Supervisor asks how much of the budget reserves is left. Established that Shasta County may not have the equipment to measure nano-particulates. Simon says he will ask if nano-particulates are being tested for at federal level. Supervisor reiterates the importance for Shasta County to perform its own nano-particulate analysis before raising the case to federal level. Simon states while testing can be performed, it will beyond their capability to provide irrefutable information (of geoengineering  /chemtrails) as they would not be able to establish the source of the particulates.
  • 2:56:50 – Additional comments by Supervisor: Shows his appreciation for the sincere, passionate and knowledgeable comments from the speakers. Commends the work done by Dane Wigington and Cathy Cresser. Supervisor criticises government/EPA representative for not being present. Agrees that not only letters should be sent to government but also a copy of this video to senators, US representatives and California representatives.
  • 2:59:49 – Motion established: To gather data, compile with the information that was provided today, send it to appropriate entities along with video of the hearing. Supervisor adds that they must demand a response. Motion passed unanimously – to widespread applause.

Geoengineering Watch

Geoengineering Watch's Dane Wigington

Geoengineering Watch’s Dane Wigington

Impressed by Dane Wigington’s presentation or want to know more?

Dane runs an excellent website called Geoengineering Watch which, in case you haven’t visited it already, is well worth checking it .

We reference his website a couple of times in our Directive as it is an excellent product of his ongoing research and investigation.


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