Dr Mike Yeadon speaks out against PCR, Lockdown and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr Mike Yeadon

This is the interview to show people that are considering getting jabbed.

Mike Yeadon was the lead scientist at Pfizer with a background that makes him very well positioned to call out the Government on their COVID-19 and vaccination policies.

The interviewer is James Delingpole and the discussion lasts for 1 hour 6 minutes:

Meanwhile, Lenny Henry and co. reinforce governmental coercion in a shameless attempt to negate black people’s “legitimate concerns” about the experimental vaccines:

(Incidentally, and something worth bearing in mind for all of us, Dr Sherri Tenpenny suggests lower levels of vitamin D in black people may be contributing to the higher incidence of adverse effects they are experiencing from the shots.)

Finally, David Icke and his son, Gareth, address the spiritual implications of Dr Yeadon’s claims in this 1-hour discussion:

If David Icke is correct, then those outcomes of the vaccinations would tie in very nicely with the inevitable outcome of the transhumanist agenda – that is, the gradual eradication of the human soul.

And what better way to disable us than to cut us off from our higher selves, from Universal Consciousness, from unlimited potential… It would be a bit like unplugging a computer from the world wide web and plugging it into some company’s private intranet instead – simply disconnecting you from your true self, before being constrained by what you can do, know and think.

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