Another Grey Day in NW England

From YouTube User Shine Bright: showing the view looking south.

The chemtrails are clearly seen & are blowing north. Within 15-30 mins the whole sky will be covered by the trails, turning the blue sky, grey

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  1. claire30th November 2013 at 5:58 pm #

    I’ve been seeing chem trails all summer and they’re still happening! I saw them this morning and last Saturday when looking through sunglasses I could see a rainbow in the trail. This is scary stuff. Whats going on?

    • Chemtrails Project UK1st December 2013 at 3:22 pm #

      Hi there claire,

      people have been asking this question for over 10 years around the globe, you are not alone in asking this question. You may find a couple of documentary films on the subject useful to help gain some insight into “What and Why in the world are they spraying” They can be seen on our resource page here:

      After you have seen the films, you may like to do some of your own research. We have written The Directive to Ban Geoenginering that we would like every MP in the country to take to parliament to stop the damage being done to all life due to these programmes. There are numerous links to papers and information to widen your understand and if you feel so inclined you can select your MP on the side bar and send it to him with a cover letter in your own words to make your concerns be known.

      Good luck and let us know if we can help further in any way.

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