The Directive To Ban Geoengineering From Our Skies

This page is for the old version of the Directive. We have created a new version of the Directive on this page which contains a form so you can send it to your local MP online.

Send the Directive to Your MP. Ask Questions that need Answering.

These three documents have been put together for everyone to freely adapt to every country to feel armed with hard, irrefutable evidence to instigate action via local representatives AND to help join the dots to awaken friends, family and colleagues.

In addition to writing to your MP, please use and share these documents (along with any of your own evidence) far and wide with local newspapers, blogs, community centres, GPs, alternative health clinics, schools, mothers’ groups, gyms, pub landlords – and anywhere in your communities where TRUTH and LIFE are valued above profit.

1. The Directive & the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act to send to your MP or equivalent local representative.

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2. A Draft Letter to Accompany any Correspondence

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3. A Petition & the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act

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US citizens, please use the original UAPA written by R. Michael Castle, available here.


The public DO have the power to STOP chemtrails/ climate/geoengineering….. as stated in one of the plenary notes sessions of the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) 2011 conference – and cited in the Directive to MPs to Ban Geoengineering “P – Involve general public because a) they pay for it, b) they have the power to stop it. Keep them informed on what GE (geoengineering) is for, but don’t necessarily ask their permission.” Click on the image to enlarge.


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